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Maybe you'd be a great fit for Jane's team.

Writer & Content Strategist

Have we got a story to tell!

Ok, everyone says that. But we really do.

Jane is fun, and wonderful, and growing like crazy, and it’s all thanks to the thousands of raving fans and customers who share the Jane story every day. It’s almost a story that writes itself. Almost.

That brings me to you. We are looking for a unique character who feels most at home in the written word. We need your help to tell important stories in novel ways.

You love to weave words in their most perfect order. You know that marketing is about the stories we tell, not the products we sell (tip of the hat to Seth Godin there) .

Today, Jane is a team of 70 - mostly customer support who are championing Jane and our customers! The support team is complimented by a group of diverse and lovely in-house devs building something amazing, and a small operational team making everything tick. We are so lucky to work with a group of motivated, smart and hard working people. Read our Values for the clearest explanation of who we really are.

Working together with our newly-formed marketing team, you’ll help us accelerate Jane’s growth throughout North America, and around the world. Jane has grown by 100% in each of the last three years, and we plan for content to play a big role in hitting the growth targets we’ve set out for this year. I could really use you!

In this role, the content plan will fall very firmly into your talented and obsessive hands. You’ll spend 80% of your time researching and writing articles for our blog, and 20% of your time working on other collateral. Ali and Trevor, Jane’s co-founders, have worn this hat for the last few years, so there are some big shoes to fill….

Some general and standard bits about you:

As our only content person, you’ll be super comfortable in content strategy, the art (and science) of conducting great interviews, and producing content. You have a strong understanding of how to hook a reader and get them to share an article, and have crafted headlines so they stand out in a sea of Facebook links. You value measurement, because you know your content drives real business results.

Since we’re still in the scrappy startup phase, a willingness to venture outside of a strict job description is really valuable. It’s likely you’ll get to wear many hats as a writer at Jane, and offer support across the organization as it’s needed. We celebrate curiosity, accuracy, and quality, so this will be a dream job for anyone who relishes the opportunity to go deep on topics that matter to the wider Jane community.

A few of the things that will make you a great fit for Jane and this role:

  • Curiosity: You enjoy digging into unfamiliar subjects and making complicated information accessible to a broad audience
  • Great stories: You understand that every piece of content is just one short story inside a larger brand story. You see the big picture and can pare it down into understandable chapters
  • Conversion-focused: you understand the art of persuasion and are clever, subtle, and effective. You know that content isn’t a hard sell, but an invitation to think, feel, and act
  • Versatile: you can pick up on Jane’s personality and take on our voice, style, and tone. You can move between projects easily

So that’s it. A long and wordy post where we’re trying to give you a feel for us and decide if Jane’s a place you’d like to spend most of your day. We like it here.

How to Apply

Send us an email to with the following:

  1. What you consider to be your relevant resume information (that would probably be some links to your online footprint, your Linkedin, your resume, etc.).
  2. Send along story ideas about things think we should write about. Please include the angle you’d take rather than just a topic or headline
  3. Your best writing sample. Send us a link or attachment of the writing sample that you’d like me to read.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ashleah - VP Growth Marketing for Jane