Maybe you'd be a great fit for Jane's team.

VP of Engineering

Hi, I’m Trevor, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Jane. We’re a mission driven, product led growth company based in North Vancouver that provides an online, easy-to-use practice management platform that helps more than 50,000 allied health providers worldwide run their practices. We’re currently a team of 200 and growing fast as a distributed workforce.

We’re looking for a VP of Engineering to join Jane to help us succeed with the next stage of our journey.

Jane has a very organic growth story, both in how customers have flocked to Jane and in how we’ve grown our team. We started entirely as doers and as we have grown we added many more doers to increase capacity. Over time we have begun to add managers and leaders to support those doers. We talk a lot about how those doers on the front lines of our company, talking to customers and writing code, are the most important roles in the company. And everyone else is there to support them and make them as successful as possible. We took the typical visualization of a top down org chart and rotated it 90 degrees. The lines between people represent how communication flows. It’s how the voice of our customer reaches the leadership, and how our thoughts on vision and direction reach the whole team.

I talk about this because it’s what I think is the most important part of this leadership position on our dev team: enabling the success of a growing group of humans who are building Jane.

Here’s some thoughts on what would make you a good fit for this role and what would make Jane a good fit for you.

What excites you:

  • Being part of a rapidly growing, product-led organization
  • Coaching & developing managers
  • Helping teams learn and get better
  • Finding incredible talent
  • Seeing team members progress and excel in their careers
  • Iterating on processes to unblock and unlock potential
  • Strategizing on organizational design, team sizes, placements
  • Tending and enriching communication pathways across the larger team as it grows
  • Being part of a senior leadership team, contributing to and collaborating on all aspects of the business

Where you’ve been:

We are hoping to benefit from the experience of someone who has seen the next size of organization before. And specifically a SaaS organization. What does it look like to go from 50 to 100 developers? What does it look like to be part of a company as it grows from 25M to 100M in ARR?

What you’re starting with:

Jane’s dev team currently consists of 50 devs spread across 14 teams supported by 7 managers, 10 QA testers, 5 designers, and an amazing team of 10 product managers. We’re currently hiring between 4 and 8 developers per month, to bolster existing teams, and to form new teams to take on new projects.

You’ll be part of the senior leadership team, reporting to the CEOs (me and Ali), and you’ll be best friends with our head of product and head of design. We often collaborate on problems cross-functionally, which takes a little bit of extra communication but also keeps everyone informed.

Your team of managers will be your top priority, many of whom are doing the management track for this first time from within our ranks. We want to invest deeply in these incredible people.

The mission:

As a whole, we’re on a mission of growth. Jane has a lot of opportunity ahead and we want to be best equipped to seize it. So that means a big part of this mission is growing the dev team head count and ensuring all of our processes and leaders are scaling successfully as we continue to do everything we can to make our customer’s lives better.

It’s also about being part of Jane’s senior leadership team as we collaborate on product, pricing, privacy, security, marketing, growth, education, community, customer support, and making sure we have dev resources to support all of those initiatives. We avoid silos at Jane and operate cross-functionally and collaboratively as much as we can.

And it’s a mission to make Jane one of the best places to work as a developer. The global remote-first transition has levelled the playing field for what differentiates one dev job from another. We benefit from being on a great mission, to help the helpers, but we also want to do everything we can to ensure our team is thriving here at Jane. The best managers, the most frictionless processes, deep learning, satisfying projects, and a wonderful culture.

Next Steps:

If this sounds like the perfect mission for you, then I’d love to meet you.