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UX Designer

Jane is fun, and wonderful, and growing like crazy, and it’s all thanks to the thousands of raving fans and customers who share the Jane story every day. Jane was founded by a product-person and a customer-person, who are now the Co-CEO’s. This means the two main teams at Jane (the product and the customer support team) are both led by doers who understand the job. We don’t have any suits here. We don’t even have a sales team. We’re building a really good product that is selling fast because people love it.

Jane’s road map is exciting. Well, we think so. From integrating Jane with various insurance companies all over the world, to introducing new features like secure HIPAA compliant chat, to data-sciencing the massive amounts of data we’re accumulating and providing cool insights to our users, we’ve got a lot of great initiatives on the go. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for someone to join Jane’s team and craft our user experience. You’ve got 3+ years designing, building product experiences and, in that timeframe, have shipped a few designs for SaaS, consumer, or health products on desktop and mobile platforms. For you, designing flows and experiences that are simple and elegant is part of your credo.

With that background, you define the UX strategy, vision, and customer journey for the user experience. You have a strong user-centered approach when making design decisions, and you back those decisions with user research. You’re excited to face complex, technical problems and turn them into delightful moments for customers. You are able to quickly build up an understanding of all our experiences and touchpoints that go into delivering value to Jane user, and collaborate with product managers and other designers to define the core app experience, design new features, and hear directly from customers.

You seek out, understand, and incorporate qualitative and quantitative feedback throughout the design process. We have open channels of communication with our support team that enable us to validate assumptions quickly and iterate quickly on ideas. At Jane, we take pride in the depth of knowledge and empathy we have for our customers, their needs, and their environments. It’s a big part of our cultural fabric and our values.

You can craft deliverables such as process flows, wireframes, design specifications, and functional prototypes to effectively communicate design strategies and detailed interaction behaviours to your various stakeholders. You also make your work stronger by actively participating in design critiques, to give and receive feedback from other designers.

You’ve been part of cross-functional teams with engineers, QA, product owners and communicate to quickly iterate, collect, understand, and incorporate feedback throughout the design process. The big picture matters, so you look to solve product problems with a focus on the best user experience while balancing company goals, design cohesion, and ease of implementation.

Since we’re still very much in start-up phase, you’ll be wearing many hats in this role; specifically that means pitching in and giving input across our product areas, but also regularly connecting with our support and marketing teams. You’ll be able to point your UX lens internally to shape our processes so we can work better as a company. You’ll be part of molding our UX practice to be best of breed. Each day will probably be a little bit different, and you’ll thrive at Jane if you are excited to fill in where needed and venture outside of the strict confines of a job description.

Look Us Up!

So that’s us! I’d love for you to read our Glassdoor pageour Story, and our Values document to get a feel for the type of company Jane is and hopes to become.

Above all, we care deeply about the customer heart, our team, and growing a sustainable and responsible business. We’d absolutely love to start a conversation about how your experience can contribute to Jane’s goals. We are so excited about welcoming you to our team.

So that’s it. A long and wordy post where we’re trying to give you a feel for us and decide if Jane’s a place you’d like to spend most of your day. We like it here.

Next Steps

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