Maybe you'd be a great fit for Jane's team.

Europe based Sys Ops / AWS Developer

Hi there!

All job postings for tech start ups end up sounding the same, so we’ll try to communicate some specifics about what Jane is all about and if this might be the kind of company you want to be part of.

Jane is a home-grown, bootstrapped startup. This means we’ve been growing a real business out of our own revenue for over 4 years now. We have the luxury and security of not having a zero-cash date like some some ventured-backed companies.

Jane was founded by a product-person and a customer-person, who are now the Co-CEO’s. This means the two main teams at Jane (the devs and the customer support team) are both led by doers that understand the job. We don’t have any suits here. We don’t even have a sales team. We’re building a really good product that is selling fast because people love it.

Jane’s dev team gets a lot of autonomy. Our devs get to really own the projects they’re working on from beginning to end. We don’t have project managers or scrums or sprints or even many deadlines. We’re focusing a lot on code quality and getting to nerd out on exploring the best possible ways to build things. At the same time, we’re moving fast. Releasing updates daily and being really responsive to what we’re hearing from our users.

Jane’s road map is exciting. Well, we think so. From integrating Jane with various insurance companies all over the world, to introducing new features like secure HIPAA compliant chat, to data-sciencing the massive amounts of data we’re accumulating and providing cool insights to our users, we’ve got a lot of great projects on the go.

So what are we specifically looking for?

  • Based in Europe and willing to work remotely with our Vancouver team.
  • A systems guru with at least few years experience maintaining a production web app environment
  • Experience with AWS, linux, ruby, nginx, postgres
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Interested in building a scalable, systematized production infrastructure for a fast growing user base.
  • Just a generally good human that we like to work with

If you’re interested in knowing more about Jane and the opportunity to work here, let’s have a coffee. Or a beer. Or some whiskey.

Send us an email at

Trevor - Co-Founder / Lead Developer