Maybe you'd be a great fit for Jane's team.

Customer Service

We are a support centered business and are continuing to staff up our support team to manage a rapidly expanding customer base.  I feel like that was a lot of words to say - Jane’s growing and we need more people!

Our Support staff are also our Sales staff - but Jane doesn’t cold call. We grow the same way our client’s do: by providing a superior service that people recommend to their friends. The Support positions at Jane involve handling phone and email correspondence from either current or interested users, running online demos by request, and possibly attending some conferences on occasion to (wo)man the Jane booth. 

At Jane our goal is to offer friendly, qualified, knowledgable support that can be depended on for accurate and speedy responses. We love that our support team are the ones that also field the sales calls, because it means that there is no over promising. The same people who have to support things on one side are the ones that are explaining what Jane can do to potential users. Who better qualified! 

We have extremely lovely and happy users, and this consistent message from sales to support is one of the reasons why. We never over promise and we always aim to over deliver. 

Jane jobs are ideally full time and local to Vancouver, although not necessarily a typical 9 to 5 work week.  

We love the knowledge transfer that comes from working in office and the team feel.  There’s no question that everyone plays a vital role in the overall performance of the group and there’s no better time for a sport’s analogy than in the world of support - if one person doesn’t show up or do their part, the rest of the team has to work harder to compensate.  This is not a lone wolf type job and requires deep commitment to your team. 

We value a good fit over experience but relevant experience in the clinical world is like gold. If you’ve ever worked a front desk or managed a clinic we would love to hear your story. Same thing with supporting another software or having used Jane before - of course! Our number one requirement is that our staff fall in love with Jane.

I’ve posted our internal “Jane Values” document that gives you a more detailed look at what it takes to succeed at Jane. Please read it over before you respond to this posting to ensure a startup environment is right for you!


  • Phone and Email support of Jane users - solving problems, not just answering questions
  • Ensure retention and satisfaction - contribute to Jane’s reputation
  • Aid clients in achieving their goals  - make Jane valuable  


  • Experience in customer success or Allied Health Clinics
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Detail oriented and analytical
  • Demonstrated ability to increase customer satisfaction
  • Reliable and excited by fast paced work
  • Problem solver
  • Positive and team oriented

A final note: Jane is a growth company, which means that the role is always expanding as the company grows and expands. To be happy at Jane requires a level of comfort with ambiguity and change. This also means that there is always an exciting opportunity to craft a role that suits your unique interests or skills - if you have ideas or areas of passion that are good for Jane and Jane’s customers we love to hear them.

Look forward to hearing from you at