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Vaccination Clinics: Online Booking

Ready to set-up Jane’s online booking feature to ease the administrative burden? You’re in the right place! With this feature, patients can book in for their vaccination from any device in real-time (awesome right?).

Offer Online Booking

When you’re ready to set up Online Booking it is best to review this guide here:

Online Booking: Choosing What is Offered Online (Locations, Staff, Shifts, Treatments, etc) and Individual Staff Preferences)

Once you’re feeling comfortable with your online booking set-up, I want to draw your attention to the Notice/Message on Online Booking Pages.

This banner feature is the best way to display important announcements and instructions to those viewing your online booking site.

To edit this message go to Settings > Language.

I like to use Command F to quickly search for Notice/Message on Online Booking Pages. If you’re using a PC/Windows device you’ll want to use Ctrl F to quickly search.

Enter your message and format if needed. Don’t forget to Save!

The Notice message will appear online like so:

Gather Important Booking Information

Do you have an important question (or two) to ask up-front at the time of booking? Jane will allow you to collect Additional Booking Information on the patient-facing booking confirmation page.

To customize your question, head to Settings > Language > Additional Booking Information.

Maybe you want to ask for a Personal Health Number or Birth Date. Here’s what the Patient sees:

Once the patient enters the information it will appear as a Note on their appointment and profile for quick reference.

Approved Online Booking and Upcoming Appointment Limit

If you need to pre-screen patients or approve who is able to book online be sure to check out the following guide:

Only Allow Approved Online Booking

Or, implement an Upcoming Appointments Limit to set the maximum number of appointments any one individual can schedule. To do this, head to Settings > Online Booking > Upcoming Appointments Limit. Don’t forget to Save.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via phone at +1 844-310-JANE (5263) or by email at [email protected].

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