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Vaccination Clinics: Features You Should Know About

Jane has a lot of features to offer, and no doubt, we would love to sit down and share them all with you! We know you’re busy though, so we decided to highlight two features that we think you need to see right away.

Clinical Surveys

Jane’s Clinical Surveys feature can be used to send a COVID-19 Pre-Screening survey prior to appointments. A link to fill out the survey will be automatically sent to each client before their visit. We have provided a sample survey that you can enable. Or, feel free to customize and create your own. You will also be able to choose and set when the survey goes out prior to each appointment.

A full-access user can begin by heading over to Settings > Forms & Surveys > View Surveys on the Clinical Surveys tab.

We’ve created a COVID-19 Screening survey that’s available for you to use. You can preview and use the survey that we have provided by selecting View.

Next, choose when the survey will be sent by clicking Edit. Don’t forget to hit Save!

When you’re ready, you can enable the survey by clicking the View button.

In the top right-hand corner click Actions > Enable.

Or, you can start from scratch by selecting New Survey instead (top right-hand corner). For step-by-step instructions on how to create a new Clinical Survey, check out our detailed guide Clinical Surveys.

Reminders and Notifications

Email Notifications, Email Reminders, and Text Message (SMS) Reminders. Jane’s got you covered!

Did I forget to mention Return Visit Reminders? Feel free to jump here for more information on that: Return Visit Reminders.

In the meantime, this section of the guide will walk you through the steps to schedule automatic email notifications and email/SMS reminders before each appointment.

To customize these options head to Settings > Reminders & Notifications.

Let’s start with Reminders. Click Edit next to the Email or Text Message Reminder to finalize your settings for that Reminder. Or, select Add Reminder in the top right-hand corner.

  • Send Reminder - How many hours before the appointment to send the reminder
  • Subscribed by Default - Check if you’d like new patients to automatically be subscribed to this reminder
  • Enabled - If you ever need to temporarily disable reminders of this type, you can deselect this
  • Patient selectable - Allow patients to opt into this reminder, if left unchecked only staff can opt a patient in or out.

Notifications can be turned on or off by selecting the check-box.

There are three different types of notifications to enable:

  • Send notifications when appointment booked
  • Send notifications when appointment cancelled
  • Send notifications when appointment changed

If you’d like some more information check out the following guides:

Email & SMS Reminders

Email Notifications

Please do reach out to us via phone at +1 844-310-JANE (5263) or by email at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

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