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Superbills on the Base Plan

If you are on the Base plan and provide the occasional Superbill to your patients, we do have a way for you to add billing codes to the patient’s invoice, without requiring the Insurance Plan.

We’ll be able to manually add the billing and diagnosis codes as custom text to the Details section of the patient’s invoice, which will be included in their receipt.

Editing the Invoice

To add your billing and diagnosis codes into the Details area of the patient invoice, we’ll start by Arriving the appointment, which will generate the invoice that you’ll be editing:

Scroll down to the Billing Info section. To edit the invoice, we’ll click the blue Invoice link (i.e. click the patient’s name):

In the Invoice panel, we’ll manually type in the relevant billing and diagnosis codes into the Details area:

Click the Save button:

From there, you can check out the patient as normal by clicking the Pay button and working your way through receiving and applying payment to the invoice. The billing and diagnosis codes will now be included when we select to either print or email the receipt.

This is what your receipts will look like with the added billing and diagnosis codes:

In case your patient may prefer to submit an invoice rather than a receipt, we can head back into the invoice and click the Print button after receiving payment:

We can then print off the invoice for the patient, which will look like so:

Creating a Starred Note for the Billing & Diagnosis Codes

Now that we’ve done the work of typing out those billing and diagnosis codes, let’s create a Starred Note within that patient’s profile so that for future visits, you can quickly copy and paste those codes onto the applicable invoices.

In the Patient’s profile, we’ll add a Note of the billing and diagnosis codes (1) and then click onto the star button (2) to flag that note:

Now, these codes will appear on every appointment you book for this patient and you can easily copy and paste them into the Details box of the invoice:

Woo! We did it! Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back 🙌

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