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Waiting Room - Beta Guide

Welcome to your Jane account’s virtual waiting area

Jane has added new Waiting Room functionality to our Online Appointments feature which includes some helpful new changes to our existing telehealth functionality. Let’s take a peek at what to expect from this brand new, behind-the-scenes functionality available exclusively to our Beta Testers.

Client Side

  • Whether from their My Account or by accessing the session from a link within the appointment reminder email, clients will enter the Waiting Room area until their practitioner admits the client to their online appointment.

  • While in the waiting area, clients will be greeted and have the opportunity to confirm their appointment details prior to joining the session so that they feel confident that they’ve accessed their appointment correctly.

Practitioner Side

When practitioners join the session, they will also be presented with their appointment details and can admit their client once the client has accessed the waiting area.


  • Practitioners who have entered their online appointment before the client will hear a chime and be given a Client Is Waiting badge when the client has entered the waiting room. So, not so much a “knock-knock,” as a ding-ding. 🔔

  • Once the client has arrived in the Waiting Room, the practitioner’s Admit button will turn blue and become enabled allowing the practitioner to admit the client.

  • Once the client has been admitted to the appointment by the practitioner, they will enter the session from the Waiting Room and their session begins.

New Appointment Badges to Let Users know the Client is Waiting

A Client Is Waiting badge now displays on clients’ appointments in the admin schedule and in the appointment panel when a client has entered the waiting area so that staff members know in real-time when their client is waiting.

Browsers, Devices, and Jane Online Appointments App Updates

Users accessing the Online Appointments feature through Chrome using a laptop, desktop, Android, or Samsung device will want to be sure that their browser is up-to-date. There are no changes here but keeping your device up-to-date with the most recent operating and browser software updates helps to keep Jane running smoothly.

Important Notice for iPhone or iPad users:

Clients and Practitioners accessing their appointments from an iPhone or iPad will need the most recent version of the Jane Online Appointments application, version 1.3.0. Users still using v. 1.2.0 will still be able to access the call but will be unable to access the full Waiting Room functionality.

Please have all clients and staff members update to Version 1.3.0 by heading to the Apple App Store and tapping Update on the Jane Online Appointments page.

Pro Tip: To ensure your iPhone and iPad using clients are up-to-date with the latest version of Jane Online Appointments, you can always add some automated messaging to your Online Booking, Thanks for Booking email, and Appointment Reminders. Here are some guides that show where to customize messaging to your clientele:

Additional Resources for Helping Staff Members and Clients

There you have it! We are really excited to hear what you think and if you have any questions or if you are not currently enrolled in our beta test program but would like to volunteer, please reach out. :)