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Setting Up & Offering Telehealth Services

Do you want to utilize Jane’s Online Appointments (telehealth) tooling but aren’t quite sure how you want that to be represented in your schedule? You’re in the right place! If you’re looking to set up your Online Appointments, we’d recommend taking a peek at these guides first:

When it comes to how you’d like your telehealth sessions to be scheduled, it comes down a lot to what your needs are when it comes to how and when you offer telehealth, and how you’d like your receipts and email notifications to appear to your clients. Let’s dive in!

Option 1: Telehealth with One Location


  • Single Calendar, Using Tags, Some Degree of Setup, Same Billing Address

Who It Is Good For:

  • Practitioners who would like to be able to view both their in-clinic and telehealth sessions on the same calendar (e.g. you offer both types of sessions during a single shift).
  • The clinic information you would like displayed on Jane’s invoices, receipts, email reminders will be identical to your in-office location.

With this setup, you will be able to see both your in-clinic and telehealth sessions within the same calendar.

If you will be offering your telemedicine services anytime during your scheduled shifts, then after setting up your treatments in your account, you will be all ready to go!

However, if there are particular times when you are exclusively offering telemedicine services, we will want to take advantage of Jane’s Tagging feature. You can read in-depth about how the tagging system works on our guide here: Tags - Limiting Treatment Availability

You can set up a new tag by visiting your Settings > Tags area (you’ll want to turn on Advanced Scheduling from your Schedule Settings area if you can’t see this tab).

You will then want to tag all of your telehealth sessions with this newly created tag under your Settings > Treatments & Classes > Edit area.

Finally, you can add this tag to all of the shifts when you exclusively offer telehealth appointments by visiting the Schedule and clicking on the Shifts button to enable shift editing mode. From here, you can click on one of your existing shifts to edit it, or create a new shift by clicking on the schedule under the appropriate day of the week. You’ll be able to add the telemedicine tag at the bottom of the Edit Shift panel that appears on the right.

In case you’d like a quick refresher, you can check out our guide on Adding Staff Shifts

If you only offer these types of appointments during a specific part of your day, you can create multiple smaller shifts and only tag the shift when you offer your telemedicine sessions.

Option 2: Telehealth with Two Locations


  • Two Calendars, Easier Setup, Different Billing Information

Who Is It Good For

  • Practitioners who would like to keep telehealth sessions on a different calendar from their in-clinic appointments (e.g. you only offer telehealth on certain days of the week)
  • The clinic information you would like displayed on Jane’s invoices, receipts, email reminders will be different to that listed on your in-office location.

With this setup, you’ll have a completely separate location offered on the front page of your online booking site that patients can choose right off the bat. This will also result in two completely separate schedules that you will be able to flip between to view your in-office and telehealth appointments.

To add a second location to your account, you’ll want to visit your Settings Tab > Clinic Info & Locations area. In case you haven’t seen it already, feel free to check out our guide document on Adding a Location in your Jane account.

Once your second location has been added, don’t forget to opt in any new telehealth treatments to be offered at this location. You will be able to do this from your Settings > Treatments & Classes area.

In addition to your treatments, you’ll also want to make sure that any staff members who will be offering telehealth services are opted into this new location as well. You can find this setting under the Staff Profile > Edit/Settings > Settings area.

You will now be able to toggle between the two different locations by clicking on the location name in the top blue bar (or by using the Shift + L keyboard shortcut).

If you feel that you have a unique scheduling set up at your clinic, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by phone (+1 844-310-5263, Mondays to Fridays from 6am to 5pm PST) or by email ([email protected]) and we would be happy to guide you in the right direction!

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