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Telehealth and Privacy Laws

We’ve been very careful with designing Jane to ensure that all new features that are added, like Telehealth, will comply with all Privacy Laws, in addition to each Standard Codes of Practice across multiple health professions.

Let me provide you with more information on what our compliance looks like.

Is Jane Telehealth compliant with Privacy Laws?

Yes, we are! We comply with HIPAA, GDPR, and PHIPA/PIPEDA. You can read more about that in our guides:

Since we are compliant with the above Privacy Laws, our Telehealth feature is compliant too! Why? Because Jane already has robust security and encryption controls in place to protect patient data that complies with the above Privacy Laws.

Telehealth Security Controls

When it comes to Telehealth, we have the following security controls in place:

1. Peer to Peer communication

We use exclusively peer to peer connections when a practitioner is talking with their patient. This means that the connection is opened up directly between the patient and the practitioner. While we use our Jane servers to connect you with your patient, the data from the video conference itself isn’t routed through our servers.

2. Encryption

Our Telehealth feature, called Online Appointments, uses end-to-end encryption for all our 1-on-1 virtual appointments. Also, whenever you use any area of Jane, all data in transit between Jane servers and the web browser is encrypted using 256-bit encryption–the same that banks use! This ensures that the connection between the practitioner and the patient is secure.

3. No recording or data storage

We don’t allow recordings or data storage of any kind for the calls which allows the communication to be done exclusively between the practitioner and patient.

If you’d like to learn more about Jane’s Security and Privacy policies, here are a few links: