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ZIP Code Verification

When you add a card on file or process a transaction, Jane is using a system called AVS, or the Address Verification System. This is an additional layer of security, just like the CVV number on the back of the card.

Although you may be using the client’s current postal code and address, this likely isn’t the same address that their credit card provider has on file. In this day and age with online billing, it’s really easy to forget to change it, or not even know if there’s a slight mismatch.

When adding a card on file, Jane will pre-populate the address on their profile but there is an option to enter an alternate billing address.

It would be best to enter the client’s billing address for their credit card in this area, and that card should save on file no problem. Since this is one of our forms of security for credit card processing, we won’t be able to save the card on file if there’s a mismatch.

When you see an error message that the billing address doesn’t match, it’s best to have your client call the number on the back of their credit card to confirm their billing address. Oftentimes, these cards are offered through a different provider than their other bank accounts, so calling this number is the best way to confirm which billing address should be entered here.