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The Jane Online Appointments app found in the App Store is only required for practitioners who only offer 1:1 Online Appointments.

Jane tip: Are you a client who’s wondering whether or not you need the Jane Online Appointments app? You only need it if:

  • You’re joining a 1:1 Online Appointment on an iPad or iPhone and…
  • If you see the following message on your Appointment Reminder email or Thanks for Booking email:

At Jane, we’re incredibly strict on privacy. We care very deeply about keeping your data safe and secure. There are certain pieces of information that we do track, anonymously, in order to make sure that we can make our product better.

On the App Store, Jane’s Online Appointments app is used to join Telehealth calls by both clients and practitioners. Once you join a call, a tunnel is created between the two devices so that you can talk directly to each other. We disclose certain details about what information we collect as part of using the Online Appointments App. This guide is meant to provide more context into what we use this information for and why we’re collecting it.

We’ll walk through each of the items in this list so you have a good understanding of what each of them means and why they are being collected.

There are two aspects to the data that we collect: data used to track you and data that is not linked to you. You’ll notice that there are NO pieces of information that we track that are linked to your personal identity in Jane. This is very important and very deliberate on Jane’s part to do so. We want to track only general information about you to ensure that Jane is working for you but we very specifically want to avoid capturing any personal details about you.

  • Data used to track you - This category describes data that is used by Jane to understand how we can improve the product. This information is stored securely and we use it to help improve the quality of our telehealth calls.
  • Data not linked to you - This is information that is not linked to your personal identity in any way. We use numerical identifiers instead to ensure that this information stays anonymous.

Let’s go through each piece of information we collect:

  • Location - We use what’s called a coarse location. This is location information that is a lower resolution. For example, we do record the city, province/state and country but we do NOT track the house, street or business. We use this information to determine the quality of our Telehealth calls in various locations around the world as well as to help us determine whether the distance between two parties results in a lower call quality. This is only tracked so we can help make the quality of our Telehealth calls better.
  • Usage Data - In certain situations during a call, we send out some anonymous signals about the performance of the telehealth call. These signals help us determine in what situations a telehealth call could be poorer quality than we’d like so we can improve the serve and make the call quality better for everyone. Because our calls happen in a “tunnel”, these anonymous signals are the only thing we can use to help diagnose any problems.
  • Identifiers - Identifiers are numbers that we assign to each person. These numbers are entirely anonymous and don’t contain any personally identifiable attributes. They help us group together signals so we know which signals are coming from which numbers.
  • Diagnostics - Diagnostics are pieces of information that help us identify if there are any problems such as if the app crashes. This information is collected to ensure we can identify the source of the problem and fix it in a subsequent update.

All of the information we gather in the Online Appointment App is anonymous and is used exclusively to help us improve the quality and experience of our Telehealth product. If you have any questions about what type of information we gather and why, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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