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Automatic Return Visit Reminders

Regularly using return visit reminders is a great way to improve patient retention.

You can set custom Return Visit Reminders for each patient appointment right from within Jane on your schedule to help prevent patients from becoming inactive.

But for an added layer of security against patients becoming inactive you can create an automated return visit reminder that sends to any patient that hasn’t had an appointment in X number of days/months by using our integration with Mailchimp.

To set up an automatic return visit reminder campaign in Mailchimp you’ll first need to activate your Mailchimp Integration.

Automatic Return Visit Reminders In Mailchimp

Log into your Mailchimp account once your Jane patient list has been synched with Mailchimp and create a new automated email Campaign.

The option to create an automated email campaign should be under Customer Journeys > Create > Classic Automations.

Once you’ve started creating a classic automated email campaign you can choose to make your email campaign Automated > Date Based > Specific Date.

You’ll then want to choose Single Email, name your campaign, and choose your synched Jane Audience.

This will create the basic parameters of your automated return visit email campaign. You’ll need to make sure the Date Field is set to the Last Visit Date and that your Trigger is updated to send your email X number of days after the patient’s last visit date to reminded them to rebook. I’ve set my example campaign to send my reminder email 4 months after a patient’s last visit date, so if a patient hasn’t had an appointment in 4 months.

Note: Since Mailchimp is integrated with Jane the patient’s last visit date will update automatically as patients come in for new appointments. Patients that are booking regularly will not receive this email. Only once a patient hasn’t had an appointment in the number of days you choose for your trigger will they receive this reminder email. The time from a patient’s last visit until they are considered inactive if they don’t rebook is different from one practice to the next so choose what makes the most sense for your practice.

The final step is to Design the Email contents of your return visit reminder.

You’ll then be able to start your campaign and let Jane and Mailchimp take care of following up with your patient’s automatically to remind them to rebook before they become inactive!

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