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New Patient Reports

Couple of options here when you’re looking to report on new patient and it sort of depends on what you’re looking to do with the information.

The first two options here require an ALL ACCESS role user profile.

List Report​

​ ​Found in your Reports Tab, you can run your List report for the date that you’re interested in reporting on. ​ ​When you filter the List report by a date range it will just show you the accounts created during that time frame.

If you run the report for Feb 1 to Feb 28 for example it will only show those accounts created during February. This doesn’t necessarily mean the first appointment for those patients is booked in February, but this is the date that they or you created their account. They could have booked that first appointment in February, or in 3 months into the future, or they could even have booked and cancelled. ​ ​This report includes email addresses and contact info and is a good one if you’re looking to contact all your new patients in a time frame or just get a general sense of volume.


Another option if your looking for just a count of first visits is the dashboard which is the landing page on your Settings tab. ​ ​When run by date range this will show you the number of arrived first visits.

​​If you run it for this month or into the future it will likely be low since the visits aren’t arrived yet, but looking into the past you can see the number of arrived first visits to the clinic. If you run it by practitioner it will still only be showing first visits to the clinic and not first visits to that practitioner.
​ ​This report is good if you want to see the booking pattern of new patients versus returning patients for your clinic as a whole or to see which practitioners are booking more or less of the new patients in the clinic.

Product Performance Report

Depending on how you’ve set up your treatments in Jane, you can use the product performance report to see how many initial visit treatments you have “sold” over a time period.

See more about the Product Performance Report by clicking here.

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