Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Working with Claim Submissions (Online Insurer Portal)

We have many Jane users working with online portals to bill insurance companies directly for their client’s visits.

This might be Medavie Blue Cross, Pacific Blue Cross, Telus E-Claims (including WSIB), HCAI etc.

Here are some of the common portal addresses:

Medavie Blue Cross: https://secure.medavie.bluecross.ca/eai/login

Pacific Blue Cross: https://service.pac.bluecross.ca/ACESWeb/Pages/Authentication/SignIn.aspx?userType=4

Telus E-Claims: https://providereservices.telushealth.com/

HCAI: https://www.hcai.ca/HCAI.Web/Login.aspx

ICBC Health Service Provider Invoice http://partners.icbc.com/health-services/docs/CL392.pdf (while not a portal this will launch the invoice directly from the claim screen for you to fill out and then save to submit via email or fax)

ICBC Chiro Initial/Discharge Report https://onlinebusiness.icbc.com/eforms/dotcom/jsp/CL470.jsp (also not a portal for billing but you can link your ICBC Chiro Flat Fee Program insurance to this form for easy access from the claim screen)

Create the Insurer

Be sure to include the portal address in the portal screen.

Here’s a help page on creating an insurer

Accessing Policy Info for Submission

From the main scheduler you can access the policy information all in one place without having to leave the scheduler. You can see who has a policy attached to the appointment at the top of the Appointment pane.

If you click on that blue Insurer name (did you know that everything that’s blue in Jane is clickable?), you will get an insurance policy overview screen. From here you can launch the portal using the shortcut button and you can see all the info you would need to submit through the portal on a single screen.

Two Screens :)

If you haven’t experienced working with two screens you might fall in love once you try it. Most computers have a second port you can just plug another monitor in. It’s glorious and every administrator’s dream.

Okay - moving on.

Submitting Claims

You can manage and mark as submitted and paid claims from this handy claims screen too. To find this screen, head over to Billing on the top blue bar and then scroll down the left side to the Claim Submissions folders.

Pretty fancy.

Further Reading

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Receiving Insurer Payment

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Registering for RCMP/DVA Provider Services​

​ Here’s where you can find the information for registering for the portal for RCMP

Registering for Pacific Blue Cross (BC)

​And although they’re the same name, the Pacific Blue Cross is a different portal to the Medavie portal. ​ ​Here’s where you can find the information for registering for the portal for BC Blue Cross

Registering for Telus e-Claims

This is the portal used by many different National Insurers as well as WSIB in Ontario.

Here’s where you can go to learn more about registering for the Telus Health Portal