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New Claim Template Area

When we first developed the claim “template” field, we did include a spot for both an initial and a subsequent code. Of all the insurers that Jane’s clinics work with, only a handful have a different Initial and Subsequent Code, and this meant that there were a large number of people forced to do double entry of the same code into both of these fields.

No more!

Jane has launched a new, cleaner claim template area with a better design overall for all Jane users. In this new setup, initial billing codes are entered manually on the appointment from the scheduler, this initial code is only entered once, and ONE claim template can now be used for the initial visit as well as all other subsequent visits for that claim.

Let’s have a closer look.

New Workflow

If you’re reading this to submit an ICBC claim, go ahead and click over to this Guide made special for you: ICBC New Claim Workflow.

For claims to all other insurers, keep reading:

The first thing you’ll want to do is create the claim as per usual, and you can enter claim information for multiple payers here if you need to as well.

Click the arrow on the claim area:

And you can do the following actions:

If you View Claim, a handy claim summary comes up:

We also heavily recommend that part of your day end procedures include reviewing the Sales by Staff Member report. It is really easy from here to notice any billing errors made in the day BEFORE they are submitted.

Check out this guide document on suggested Day End Procedures. We really hope this makes it a lot easier for you and your staff to enter codes as there is now a single place to do that.

As always, let us know if you need a hand.