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ICBC Physio Fee Codes

Yes, we did just make some changes to how claims are set up.

Going forward, when you set up a claim for ICBC, you’re going to enter the Default Coverage Amount using the fee code 9933 or 9934 for a Prolonged Visit. You can also add any applicable additional areas to this section of the claim.

Since you’re likely setting claims up for patients seeking their first ICBC visit, after the claim is set up and attached to the appointment, you’ll need to change the fee code from Prolonged Visit (9933 or 9934) to 9904 for an Initial Visit. This is to be done from your main schedule.

Click the trashcan icon to remove the prolonged visit code and then key in 9904 for the initial visit in the field for ‘Add Billing Code’.

You should only need to override the code on a patient’s first visit as all other visiting after that date would be billed using the Prolonged Visit code (9933 or 9934).

As always, let us know if you need a hand.