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ICBC - Active Rehab Program

For billing Active Rehab, you’ll be managing your claims manually because ICBC does not permit electronic submission for this program.

Step 1: Create an Insurer

First, create an insurer for ICBC - Active Rehab in Settings > Insurers > New Insurer 

Choose option 3 ICBC - for non-teleplan claims because we are not submitting via Teleplan.

You can call it something like “ICBC - Active Rehab”, and set the insurer’s default behaviour.

Generally most of the options would be left off, and it would look something like this:

You can review this help document for more details on setting up an insurer.

Save, and you’re now ready to create a claim.

Step 2: Create a Claim

From the appointment pane, choose Add Claim/Policy and then Add New Claim/Policy.

Choose ICBC - Active Rehab from the list, and then continue to populate information into the claim template.

The only required field is the Claim Identification Number, which will be the patient’s ICBC claim number.

If you add any maximums to the optional middle section, Jane will alert you when the amount/value has been reached.

  • Eg. Max number of treatments set to 12. Alert will appear when booking the patient in for their 13th visit under this claim.

Lastly, enter any Default Coverage Amounts that will be populated each time the claim is used.

You can override these amounts on any appointment/product, but setting defaults can help save time for subsequent appointments that are billed the same each time.

If ICBC has approved a certain dollar value per visit, enter it into the Max Amount field and Save.

Again, you can edit the coverage fields as a one-off in the next step.

Please see this help document for more tips on setting up a patient claim.

Step 3: Insure the Appointment

You’ll now find the claim attached to the appointment under the “Insurer Info” section.

Make your final edits, such as adding a “User Fee” or toggling on “Patient Pays Remaining”, if either of these suit your billing structure.

If all looks good, Arrive the appointment.

Step 4: Managing the Insurer Invoice

ICBC - Active Rehab claims are managed like all other paper claims in Jane.

After submitting the claim to ICBC, mark the invoice as submitted via the drop-down arrow next to its name:

This updates its state from Unsubmitted to Submitted.

You can also manage paper claims from Billing > Unsubmitted.

In the “Unsubmitted” folder, click the drop-down arrow next to an item line to Mark as Submitted, and it’ll subsequently move to the “Submitted” folder.

Pro Tip: If you are managing insurer invoices as groups or have a direction to pay where you submit claims at a later date, it can be helpful to group those invoices together following the instructions on our guide Grouping Insurer Invoices. This way you can provide a single receipt to ICBC listing multiple dates. When you go to receive payment, Jane will pay off all of the invoices in the group - so only group together claims that will be submitted and paid together.

Here’s our article on Working with Claim Submissions (Paper Insurer Invoices) for more information.

Step 5: Reconciling Payment

To receive payment, head to Billing > ICBC - Active Rehab under the “Insurer Invoices* section.

Hit New Payment at the top right:

Enter the amount of the electronic deposit, or cheque, and choose the payment method, then click Next:

Search or display claims to pay off using the View All button or Search Bar:

As you work through you’ll get a running list of all invoices to which the payment has been applied, and you can remove them if you made a mistake using the same link button.

Keep working down until you’ve completely used up the payment, or you can leave some of it as credit for the insurer to use later.

Here’s our article on Receiving an Insurer Payment (EOB) for reference.

Tips on Tracking Claims

Here are two recommended areas to track your claims and payments:

Active Rehab Claims Tab

In Billing > ICBC - Active Rehab > Claims, you’ll find a list of all claims under this insurer and next to each will be a View button to look further into each specific claim.

Displays billing history including invoices and an indication of whether they’ve been Paid, Unpaid, Submitted, Unsubmitted etc.

Accounts Receivables Report

You can also use the Accounts Receivables Report to track outstanding payments for Active Rehab.

You should see a total on that report that represents the total amount outstanding for ICBC - Active Rehab and further along the row you can see how long these amounts have been outstanding.

Clicking on the account name will direct you to the insurer’s page, and from there, you can look further into each invoice generated.

As always, let us know if you need a hand, especially if what the patient has been approved for doesn’t align with the guide. We’ll be happy to walk you through it!