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Editing Dates of Insurer Payments

Occasionally you may come across the need to modify the date or method of payment recorded on a transaction.

We highly recommend these Day End Procedures for reducing the need to back date in the first place.

Here’s how all the different dates affect different reports:

  • Invoice date of Purchase - affects Sales reports.
  • Applied date of Payment to Invoice - affects Compensation reports.
  • Date of Payment / Received At - affects Transaction reports.

To make our bookkeeping friends happy and keep you guys as accurate on your financial reporting as possible, only those with Full Access profiles can back date payments.

Insurer Payment Dates

Insurer payments are accessed most easily through the insurer invoice. You can get there by going under Patients > Billing > Purchases, OR by going to Billing > Claim Submissions > Search… When you find your invoice, click the blue Insurer Invoice text in the middle column of the purchases:

In the invoice window that opens, look down to the Payment History, and click on the blue Payment # text to open up the payment details:

Click the Edit button on the lower right:

Then update the Payment date and Save:

Applied to Invoices Date

Note that backdating the Received At will change the date that the payment shows up on the Transaction Report. We call this the Payment Date, (when it was charged).

When a payment is used to pay for something we call this the Applied Date (when it was used). This is the date that determines when this payment shows up on the Compensation Report.

*Changing the Applied To dates will affect the numbers of your past reporting, so do this with caution.

Undocumented changes to past reports can make your bookkeeper want to yell at us and can sometimes make you confused as to why your reports are changing over time. If you go ahead with these changes, tell your bookkeeper if it will affect your past months which have already been reconciled or pay periods for which you’ve already paid your staff.

Using the same steps to view the payment above, you can also edit the items for the date that the payment is applied.

If you’re unsure whether you should be changing the Applied Dates, or have any questions about how each field affects reporting don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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