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Booking and Billing No Charge WSBC (WCB) Subsequent Visits

Block Billing Notes

Some disciplines have block payment agreements with WSBC. You’ll want to record and track these subsequent visits without sending anything in to WSBC.  

At Jane, we’ve found the best way to do this is to insure the visit to the claim but leave the billing code blank. This will attach the visit to the claim with a no charge appointment.

Set Up the Insurer

First of all ensure that your WSBC Insurer is set to not charge a user fee. In the Insurer area (Settings - Insurers) open your WSBC Insurer and make sure that the “patient pays remaining” check box is unchecked.

Create the Claim

Then when you create the claim for the first time just leave the default billing codes blank.

When adding the claim to one of these zero dollar subsequent visits it will look like this in the Insurer area of the Appointment Pane:

No charge to the insurer and no charge to the patient.

Billing a Block

If there is an appointment where you need to bill a report or a block of billing, just open up the “Insurance” area of the appointment pane and add in the appropriate billing code.

Managing the Claim

You can always manage the claim and see all the appointments in the Patient’s insurance claim area:

See the details of the claim to date:

And the associated appointments all in one place:

Hope that helps!

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