Jane Guide.

Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Receiving an Insurer Payment (EOB)

When you have been paid by an insurer for a patient claim you can mark the invoice as paid.  You can record the payment in a few places:

1. Record the payments in the patient’s profile

The patient’s Billing Profile. Useful when an insurer is paying invoices for a single patient.

Find the patient in the Patient List and go to their “Billing” tab.   You can filter the Purchase list to “Submitted” invoices. Then hit the “View” Button at the end of the invoice line.  Choose to receive payment from the insurer.

All the invoices for this patient will be listed in the Payment screen, and you can check or uncheck the correct invoices for payment.

2. Record the payments using the Billing Tab

You can also work with insurer invoices from the “Billing” tab.  This can be useful if an insurer is paying for invoices for multiple patients in a single payment.

Find the insurer you’re working with in the list of Insurer Invoices:

Here, you’ll find all the insurer’s invoices and payments.  

New Payment Screen

Many of you have noticed, we recently released a new payment screen. But don’t worry, nothing has been changed yet. Both styles have been available for quite some time and Both are still available. Yes, you can keep doing things as you have been - we’re not taking away the old one until we’re sure that the new payment screen has the same functionality and ease. But we do NEED you to use the new one and give us feedback so we can fix it up.


The new screen actually allows for more flexibility moving forward (including in what is currently a very difficult workflow for accepting underpayment of insurance claims - coming soon!) and how to account for the remainder that is not covered by the insurance company. It also allows for much better control over credits that are left on insurer accounts and more flexibility around applying credit to the appropriate invoice.

So how does it work?

You still have two options here - either “Receive Payment” - the old way - or “New Payment” - which is now the new way. As many of you have noticed, the buttons are in a different order:

Keep using the “Receive Payment” button as you were before, if you choose, but we HIGHLY recommend slowly making the transition to New Payment because we are requesting direct feedback from you on how to make this better. Eventually, it will be phased out.

New Payment

To use New Payment, choose the “New Payment” button:

Enter the amount of the electronic deposit, or cheque and choose the payment method, then click next:

Search or display claims to pay off:

This allows you to search more specifically for invoices instead of displaying and searching through the full list of every single invoice outstanding for this payer.

We know it might be a bit of a change if it’s not the workflow that you’re using, but we also know it will allow for greater flexibility moving forward!

As you work through you’ll get a running list of all invoices to which the payment has been applied, and you can remove them if you made a mistake using the same link button.

Keep working down until you’ve completely applied the payment, or you can leave some of the payment as credit for the insurer to use later.