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Virtual Assistant & Virtual Receptionist Listing

Welcome to Jane’s Virtual Assistant (VA) & Virtual Receptionist (VR) Listing. We are so happy to share another community-created resource with you.

When working with a VA or a VR, we know how important it is to find someone that is not only a great fit for you and your business but also someone that knows Jane inside and out.

To help with that, we asked the ever helpful and super resourceful members of the Jane Community for their recommendations. We’ve gone ahead and listed those recommendations below to help you in your search! ⤵️

Are you a VA or a VR who would like to be added to our listing? Fill out this form, and we will reach out for more info.

Are you a US Community member looking for a Biller? Check out our Biller Listing here.

Note: While we are excited to share this list with you, Jane has not vetted these businesses. This is a list based on recommendations from members of the Jane community.</a>

Questions, comments or feedback about the biller listing can be sent to us via email [email protected] with the subject line 'Virtual Assistant'

  1. Ginger Desk
  2. Smiledog
  3. Mindful Virtual Assitance
  4. Ashley Kish Virtual Solutions
  5. VirtualPA4business
  6. Timely Virtual Assistant
  7. TC Virtual Solutions Co.

Ginger Desk

Ginger Desk is disrupting the health care industry by hiring, training, and managing industry-trained virtual assistants and matching our VAs to health practitioners across Canada, the US, and the UK.

Our specialized team provides expert use of Jane app and helps health practitioners grow build and scale their practices, one task at a time. Your trusted and dedicated VA is vetted and trained by Ginger Desk through a rigorous and proven Ginger Way program. All VAs are monitored for progress and knowledge and are consistently assessed to not only meet industry standards but provide you and your patients with the highest level of service and confidentiality.

We guarantee that you will meet the admin of your dreams for your health practice. No more jobs to post or assistants missing the specific health knowledge needed. Ginger Desk offers a perfect match guarantee - you can leave at any time in the first 30-days of working with us no questions asked. We can’t wait for you to meet the admin of your dreams.

👋 Dr Julie Durnan ND or Emily Tratt
🖥️ www.gingerdesk.com
📧 [email protected]

📍 Canada and the USA
✅ Accepting new clients

▶ Services Offered ✔ Expert use of Jane
✔ Scheduling
✔ Communications by phone and email
✔ Invoicing
✔ Direct Billing to Insurance (Canada only)
✔ Lab requisitions
✔ Fullscript support
✔ Zoom webinar support
✔ Industry-trained virtual admin
✔ Dedicated onboarding with your practice
✔ VA Buddy Program - to ensure no admin downtime for your practice
✔ Available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm across all timezones in North America


Having difficulty booking appointments while you’re in appointments? Manage your clinic’s day-to-day activities better with Smiledog’s customized appointment setting services. Your clinic’s first impression is crucial to your growth. We want to partner with you to create an amazing customer experience that results in more booking opportunities and a better work-life balance.

Our service is month to month with no commitment and we are offering free custom onboarding to all Jane clients!

We are a family-owned and operated company based out of the east coast, Halifax, NS. Our belief is that you should always answer with a Smile and welcome everyone like our family dogs’ Georgia, River, Henry, and Jessie.

👋 Brandon Doyle
📞 866-773-2030
🖥️ www.smiledog.io
📧 [email protected]

📍 Canada and the USA
✅ Accepting new clients

▶ Services Offered ✔ Full time Virtual Reception
✔ Part time or Backup Virtual Reception
✔ Customized Virtual Appointment Setting
✔ Patient Payments via Jane
✔ Call outs
✔ Simple Administrative Tasks
✔ Waitlist Management
✔ Jane Optimization for Virtual Receptionists
✔ FAQ's & Customer Service
✔ Message taking & Call transferring
✔ Free custom Voicemails with every account

Mindful Virtual Assistance

We are Erin and Mikayla, a mother-daughter duo, virtual assistants, and entrepreneurs. We are based in Salmon Arm and work remotely for businesses in search of MORE time, MORE organization, and MORE freedom!

It has become a passion of ours to help fellow practitioners, business owners and entrepreneurs operate the day-to-day tasks behind the scenes of their business because we could all use a little extra support! With the busyness of running a full-time operation, the day leaves so little time for administrative tasks, social media management, content creation, and more.

That’s where we step in!

👋 Erin
🖥️ msha.ke/mindfulvirtualassistance
📧 [email protected]

📍 Canada
✅ Accepting new clients

▶ Services Offered ✔ Years of direct experience with Jane
✔ Jane set-up
✔ Management
✔ Auditing current Jane setups
✔ Direct Billing
✔ Admin tasks
✔ Social media management
✔ Content creation
✔ And MUCH more

Ashley Kish Virtual Solutions

I help health and wellness professionals reclaim their time through high-quality virtual assistance and daily operations support. My packages are very customizable and depend heavily on the business and what kind of services they need. Providing high-quality and warm-hearted customer service is my absolute jam! The most popular services that my clients outsource to me are Administrative Assistance & Receptionist type services.

👋 Ashley Kish
📞 519-495-0595
🖥️ akishvirtualsolutions.com
📧 [email protected]

📍 Canada
✅ Accepting new clients

▶ Services Offered ✔ Reception & Administrative Assistant Services
✔ Customer Service Support (Management of Support/Customer Service Email Accounts, Incoming Phone Calls, etc.)
✔ Invoice Processing & Collection
✔ Appointment Scheduling & Management
✔ Data Entry & Organization/Maintenance
✔ Inbox & Calendar Management
✔ Customer & Lead Inquiries
✔ plus MORE


My name is Marie and I’ve worked as a VA in Osteopathic clinics since 2012. My expertise as a Virtual Assistant is implementing the Jane App software in UK clinics, which I highly recommend to any health & wellness practitioners looking to change their practice management software or taking the step forward to an electronic-based system. I have used Jane App since 2020, successfully implementing it for other UK health clinics. By having a Virtual Assistant set up your new software, it makes the transition as seamless as possible taking away the time, effort, and energy involved for you and your clinic so you can focus on what matters the most in your business.

👋 Marie Baguena
📞 +4407818411332
🖥️ virtualpa4business.co.uk
📧 [email protected]

📍 United Kingdom
✅ Accepting new clients

▶ Services Offered ✔ Jane app software set up
✔ Business Systems & processes
✔ Event Management
✔ Travel Management
✔ Diary Management
✔ Business Accounts
✔ Document Management

Timely Virtual Assistant

Providing affirming, therapy-informed virtual administrative services to Canadian Mental Health Professionals. All VA’s know Jane App, are experienced in administrative support, have an educational background in mental health, and have Canada-specific medical privacy training.

👋 Sharon Nicol
📞 519-222-0611
🖥️ www.timelyvirtualassistant.com
📧 [email protected]

📍 Canada
✅ Accepting new clients

▶ Services Offered ✔ Email assistance
✔ Scheduling
✔ Invoicing
✔ Accounts Receivable
✔ Checking voicemail & calling back clients
✔ Intake

TC Virtual Solutions Co.

TC Virtual Solutions is here to inspire new virtual ways to make your day to day operations run smoother!

We are a dedicated team of VA’s focused on serving RMTs, Multidisciplinary Clinics, Private & Mobile Practices including Health and Wellness-prenuers across Canada. With over 5 years of experience providing administrative support in the HealthCare industry. We offer Social Media Management, Direct Billing Support, and Virtual Admin.

If you are on the hunt for a social media manager let our creative VA’s plan your monthly content calendar! Share your vision with us and we can create your brand kit, post for you & engage with your target audience.

Our Virtual Assistants are trained in handling claims to extended health benefits, assisting with registering for health care provider insurance portals and handling lawyer requests in your day-to-day practice.

We follow up with clients through virtual means such as email management, assist with your Jane App, manage your schedule and so much more. Let’s create a package that is perfect for you!

The TCVS team is here to empower, support, inspire and CHEER YOU ON!

👋 Thea Csere & Ryzanne Kisch
📞 6048321547
🖥️ www.tcvs.ca
📧 [email protected]

📍 Canada
✅ Accepting new clients

▶ Services Offered ✔ Assisting with direct billing registration
✔ Claim submissions to extended health benefits
✔ Accounts Receivable
✔ Invoicing
✔ Booking & scheduling
✔ Email management
✔ Checking voicemail & calling back clients
✔ Jane App software set up
✔ Branding & Content Creation
✔ Social Media Management
✔ Creating landing pages & MORE!