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Topping Up Account Credit in the Online Patient Portal

Looking to book an appointment for a later date but want to settle up in advance? Or perhaps you made it out all the way to the clinic but forgot your wallet back at home. Well, it’s a good thing you topped up your account with some credit beforehand! Good work, past you.

This guide will go over the process of how a patient can top up their account with credit for future sessions via the online portal, as well as how to designate which Jane Payments account will receive the funds for any credit added to the account.

Designating a Primary Jane Payments Account

📍Note: This feature is only available to clinics who have Jane Payments, powered by Stripe, enabled in their account and are currently located in North America.

Jane Payments is our simple, flexible payment system where you can store client cards on their profile, accept online booking pre-payments online, and send e-invoices to clients for outstanding balances— all within Jane. To get started, visit your Settings Tab > Jane Payments area.

Since account credit is not initially tied to any invoice or staff member in particular, clinics will be required to designate a primary Jane Payments account that will receive the payout for any credit that is added to a patient’s account.

To do this, a full-access user will be able to visit their Settings > Jane Payments area and review the list of existing Jane Payments accounts at the clinic.

From here, you will be able to designate the primary account by clicking on the Make Primary button within the details section for the relevant account.

Once you have designated a primary Jane Payments account, you’ll want to hop over to your Settings > Billing Settings area and make sure that the Enable Add Account Credit preference has been checked off to allow patients to start using the feature.

Adding Account Credit from the Portal

Once your patient logs into their My Account area in the online portal, they will be able to Add Account Credit from the lefthand sidebar.

The patient will first be asked to enter the amount of credit that they would like to add to their account, as well as the location they intend to use this credit at.

Next, they can then choose how they would like to pay for the credit that they will be adding.

Any existing credit cards that have been stored on file will be displayed, but patients will also be given the option to add a new credit card as well.

📍Note: Any new credit cards that are used will be automatically stored on file for the patient to use for next time!

Once the payment has been processed, the patient will be brought to a confirmation page with the option to print or download their receipt.

And from the admin side of things, the payment will be recorded as a normal payment that is not currently applied to any invoices.

You’ll also notice that this payment will now reflect as Available Credit at the top of the patient’s profile.

One final thing is that if you pop into the details of this payment, the Activity section will reflect that this payment was originally collected by the patient, rather than a staff member at the clinic.

Here is our guide on how to Apply Patient Credit to a Specific Invoice, for when you are ready to put this payment towards a particular appointment or product.

Have questions about adding credit to a patient’s account? Feel free to reach out to us by email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 844 310-5263 and we’d be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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