Jane Guide.

Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Family or Group Credit

Sometimes families or groups want to purchase credit to use for any member of the family. You can use the Gift Card system from within Jane to create a credit that can be used for multiple clients.

Creating a Gift Card

Create a gift card by selling one to the family member who is purchasing the credit. You can create gift cards with any number you like, so create a system to easily identify and find the apporpriate “card”. Use names or numbers or a combination of both.

Using the Gift Card

When anyone from the family or group comes in for a visit, you can choose to use a Gift Card to pay. Type in the Gift Card name to use that card and Jane will display the amount available.


It can be helpful to create a Starred Note on every family member stating the Gift Card name you have chosen for them.

And you can reload the same Gift Card as many times as you need to - just keep topping up the card to provide more credit.

Learn more about Gift Cards here.