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Mental Health: Getting Started

Getting Started with Jane for Mental Health Practitioners

Congratulations on your brand new Jane account— we’re so excited to have you on board! If you are reading this, it is possible that you might be a counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker, or another type of provider practicing in the mental health space.

This guide was designed especially for mental health practitioners to address the unique characteristics of their practice.

Setting Up A Discipline

Once you have logged into your Jane account, the very first thing you’ll want to set up are the different Disciplines that are offered at your practice. A discipline is the overarching “category” that you group your sessions under— examples of common disciplines in the mental health space include counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatry, social work, art therapy, meditation sessions etc. If you work at a clinic that hosts multiple providers, you may find that you will have to set up more than one discipline (e.g. you have a counsellor and a psychologist both operating out of the same practice).

You will want to create a discipline for each of these broad categories that are offered at your practice. To do this, click on the Settings tab at the top blue bar, then look for the Disciplines tab on the left. You will be able to create a New Discipline by clicking the blue button on the top righthand corner.

From here, you will be brought to a page where you can fill in more information about the discipline. Jane will have a predetermined list of options available under the Category drop-down that is used for reporting purposes— this will not be the name of the discipline displayed to your clients so you can select whichever option best describes your practice from the list. In our example, we selected Counselling / Psychology / Mental Health.

From there, you’ll be able to specify what the discipline is called under the Name field, as well as indicate what a person who practices this discipline is called under the Professional Title Field. An example of this might be:

Discipline Name: Counselling

Professional Title: Counsellor

You also have the option to add a description that will be displayed the clients on the online booking site. Typically, clinics will elaborate a bit more on what the discipline encompasses and what sorts of treatments a client can expect from one of these sessions. With that said, this is not a required field, so you can come back to it at a later time if you need a little bit of time to think about what to write.

Here is an example of how these fields will appear on the online booking site to your clients so you have an idea of where the information will be used.

You’ll notice that all of the different types of sessions that fall under this category are listed under the main discipline header. Clients will be able to select what type of session they would like to book in for prior to confirming the date and time of the appointment.

When you have finished setting up your disciplines, you’ll be ready to move on to the next section. In the next guide, we will be going over how to set up the different types of sessions that you offer at your practice:

Mental Health Practitioners - Setting Up Your Sessions

If you’re not already part of the Jane community, welcome! We’re so glad you found us. If you’re a Counsellor looking for an online scheduling system, we think Jane might be the one for you. To learn more, you can take a virtual tour, book a demo with one of our lovely support staff, or sign up here!

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