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🎥 On Demand Webinar: Ratings & Reviews

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Who’s ready to rock & roll with Ratings & Reviews?

Hi Janers! Who made it to our Ratings & Reviews Webinar? We had so much fun sipping coffee and catching up with all of you. Oh, and chatting about our favourite new feature! If you didn’t make it to the live version, you can check out the recording above 👆 and the Q&A below 👇 We’re so excited for you to see what’s new!

Before we dive in, let’s introduce our hosts

“Fun” and “approachable” probably aren’t words that you, as a business owner, would associate with Google Reviews… but they will be once you hang out with this terrific trio for a little bit!

Ali is a clinic owner and one of Jane’s co-founders. She loves using Ratings & Reviews in her clinic and in Jane to learn, celebrate, and grow.

Sonia, as a member of Jane’s Customer Support team and one of our staff trainers, receives and gives feedback all day long. She knows just how powerful Reviews can be in learning and improving.

Christina is one of our Customer Support team members who loves helping you harness the power of Ratings & Reviews to better understand your clinic and boost your brand online.

We 💙 Ratings & Reviews

Asking clients to review your service can feel a little… awkward. We get that. But it can also be an amazing tool for you and your clients to:

  • Learn: gain valuable insight into what your clients are loving about your practice— and what they’re not.
  • Celebrate: as helpers, you don’t often take time to sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done. But guess what? You totally should! Not only because you deserve it, but because it inspires and motivates you and your team to keep doing all the amazing things you do.
  • Grow: we can’t fix what we don’t know is broken. Reviews help you identify the areas of your practice that need a little TLC.

Our favourite thing about Webinars is getting to hear from you!

Here is what attendees were asking about Ratings & Reviews:

Q: What does Jane consider an Initial Visit? And how often should I be sending a Ratings & Reviews request after that?

A: Jane considers an Initial Visit to be the first time a client receives a specific treatment with a specific practitioner. These specifics are established when you choose which Practitioners and Treatments will be opted in to Reviews. After that, it really depends on what you’re hoping to get out of your Reviews! If you’re looking for Ratings & Reviews from happy clients, you may want to send the request after a greater number of appointments. If you’re trying to understand why people might be dropping off, choosing to request feedback sooner might be more helpful.

Q: Some of my clients don’t like being asked to provide Reviews. Can I opt certain patients out of receiving these emails?

A: Definitely! If you don’t think a Ratings request email is appropriate for certain clients, you can opt them out individually. If you head to their Patient Profile and into their Edit/Settings, you’ll find a place you can de-select “Send Ratings Emails” under their Reminders. Patients can opt themselves out from the Reminder Preferences section of their My Account as well!

Q: I’d like to remove the prompt to post to Google for lower Ratings. How can I do this?

A: As per Google’s regulations on soliciting Ratings and Reviews, removing the prompt for lower ratings is not an option. You can, however, customize the language you use for each prompt depending on the Rating. Head into your Settings, find the Language tab, and scroll through the customizable language until you find Google Reviews Positive/Negative Review Prompt(s).

Q: How is a Ratings request email sent? Can I resend it if I don’t think it has delivered?

A: A Ratings request email is triggered when you Arrive an appointment that falls within the criteria you established when you enabled Ratings & Reviews in your Settings. The email will send 3 hours after the appointment’s end time. If you unarrive the appointment within that 3-hour window, no email will be sent. To check if an email has been sent, you can head into the Patient Profile and check the Messages tab. Ratings request emails cannot be sent manually at this time.

Q: Can my practitioners all see each other’s reviews? I feel like that could get awkward!

A: Only staff with Full Access or Administrative/All Billing can see everyone’s reviews. Staff set to Practitioner or Front Desk can only see their own internal feedback.

If you’re still looking for answers…

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Want to chat about Ratings & Reviews?

Check out the jane.app Community Forum to see how other Jane users are putting Ratings & Reviews to work. Or, give us a shout! We love hearing from you. If you’re not part of the Jane community yet, you can book a 1-on-1 demo with one of our lovely Support staff or get in touch using the contact info below.

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