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Meet Jane's Queen Bee: Alison Taylor

We understand if you think Alison is actually “Jane.” She’s so central to the company, it’s an easy leap to make. Creating a better clinic management program was her idea, after all. And it works so well because of her clinic background and the hugeness of the left side of her brain. Here’s a teeny snapshot of Alison and a glimpse into why Jane is destined for greatness.

Alison is the daughter of two physios and the operator of three clinics.

“l learned the alphabet by filing at my parent’s clinics — that’s a true story.” Eventually, she grew her in-clinic knowledge by running three different integrated health care clinics in North Vancouver, Canada — in charge of everything from training staff to helping design and build a new facility from scratch. It’s this one right here:

She’s an admin person to her very core.

Ever met a kid that that does self-assigned exercises in a store-bought workbook because of the tremendous satisfaction they get from from putting correct answers in perfectly aligned columns? That’s a young Ali. Years later, little has changed. She loves organizing. Improving systems. Ticking boxes off tidily written to-do lists. That same excitement gets focused on Jane every day.

Running integrated clinics makes Ali better. And Ali makes Jane better.

Whenever a practitioner from a different discipline would apply for a job at one of Ali’s clinics, she’d grill them. What was their day like? Their treatment process? What were their admin needs and how did they differ from other disciplines? All that learning gave Ali — and now Jane — a huge advantage to tailor a clinic management program that works as well for massage therapists and osteopaths as it does for aestheticians and counsellors.

Extremely modest and extremely competitive — she’s both.

She hates that we’re writing a bio about her. She blushes and shrugs and apologizes through the whole interview because she wants the focus to be on Jane, not her. But there’s also this noticeable excitement when she talks about Jane’s future, or how she knows our competitors’ weaknesses inside and out, or how Jane’s online booking is so much better than the other guys’ (because we started with that, and didn’t try to tack it on as an afterthought). She wants Jane to win. That she makes no apology for.

Oh, some fun news about Ali: she’ll be writing semi-regular blog posts to answer some of the most frequent clinic-related questions she gets asked by practitioners and owners. Around the office, we tend to call her a “clinic counsellor” and, of course, she reddens and cringes and dismisses the notion that she’s any sort of expert at all. But she is. Trust us.

Stay tuned for those blogs or email us at to suggest a topic you’d like Ali to cover.

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