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Making the switch to Jane: Allie Joy’s experience transitioning EMRs

November 13, 2023

Meet Alexandra (Allie) Joy: Board-certified art therapist, licensed professional counselor, and co-host of the podcast Am I a Bad Therapist?

Allie opened her practice, the Creative Clinical Consultation, in Connecticut six years ago. More recently, she made the switch to Jane. Here, she shares her experience of switching to a new EMR.

How do you know when it’s time to make the switch?

Like many practice owners, Allie used to believe that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

Making a move that impacts your entire business can certainly feel daunting. Allie worried about both the time commitment and the learning curve of switching to a new system. So, even though she had been meaning to update her software for some time, she stuck to the platform she was using.

“The idea of switching EMRs was so overwhelming. I had heard stories of those who have transferred to other platforms and it took a month to import all their clients’ data. I didn’t have time for that.”

Growing increasingly frustrated with her software’s feature limitations, pricing changes, and restrictive customer support, she knew she couldn’t hold off on the decision any longer.

“There had been some things I didn’t love about my previous platform. Rising prices were one. Automated reminders, a feature I had previously been using, were moved to a higher tier,” Allie says. “It was all I needed as a solo practitioner, so my hand was forced to pay more for things I didn’t need.”

That’s when she decided to take the leap and start the search for a new EMR.

What factors did Allie consider before she decided on a new system?

When Allie found Jane, it was the sense of partnership she felt when talking to the team that was a deciding factor in making the switch. It didn’t hurt to find out that there was a dedicated imports team to help her make the switch from her previous system.

“The fact that I didn’t have to manually import every single client […] was such a relief and a weight off my shoulders”

With the support of the imports team behind her, Allie found the transition to be a pleasant departure from what she had expected.

“I genuinely don’t think it could have been easier. Jane told me exactly how to download my data and how to upload it. It was so concise and clear. The instructions were super easy. The entire process was completed in days. It was incredible.”

The support didn’t end once her data landed in her new Jane account, either. Learning resources helped her navigate the features of her new system. Comprehensive guides and instructional walkthrough videos provided step-by-step instructions, ensuring she felt confident and at ease in the setup process.

“There was so much amazing follow up. The Jane team was always checking in to ask me how things were going. If I needed help, I knew I could search the help guides.”

“It’s so comforting to know I can reach out for Jane’s support and speak to a human who knows the platform.”

The benefits Allie has experienced since switching

Allie says she loves that the move has felt like an investment in her business and not just another bill. “I know that I can rely on Jane to give me support when I need it and that my voice will be heard. Knowing that I didn’t have to go through automated processes to get support was such a relief. My to-do list is always a mile long. Being able to just reply to an email from someone initiating a check in just makes it so much easier to get things completed.”

“I’m so busy, I just don’t have the mental capacity to learn a new system. Receiving full support from the platform has had such a huge impact on me and my clients.”

Switching your EMR also directly affects your client experience, and Allie was conscious that she didn’t want to burden them in any way. Once the heavy lifting was done, she made sure to check in with her clients about how the transition felt on their end.

“They all gave me great feedback about how easy Jane has been for them to use. I was able to send them a link to their new portal after my Jane import was completed and all their information was there for them,” Allie notes. “When it comes to logging into their accounts, receiving their appointment links, and paying their invoices, they’ve all said it has been easy and simple.”

What message would Allie like to share with others who are in a similar situation to her before she decided to move to Jane?

“Don’t be intimidated. It’s genuinely not overwhelming. It’s so simple. Invest in yourself. Invest in your business.”

“I think it’s really important to invest in our business, ourselves, and our clients, and find a platform and a company that feels aligned with your practice,” Allie says. “It‘s so great to feel confident in the platform you’re using. I’ve been so heard and seen by the Jane team since I joined them. My switch to Jane feels like a very collaborative, supportive investment in my practice.

We appreciate Allie taking the time to share her experience of moving her practice to Jane. If you would like to connect with us to see how we can assist you in making the switch as well, you can reach out to us directly by phone or email. Alternatively, you can join our community and engage in direct conversations with other clinics that have already made the move.

Ready to learn more? Visit https://jane.app/switch for more information.

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