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Jane Roundtable: Returning to Work [Chat Log]

Click here for the Jane Roundtable: Returning to Work - A Conversation With Community Members Who Have Done It blog post.

Click here for the Jane Roundtable: Returning to Work - A Conversation With Community Members Who Have Done It transcript.

00:12:24 Tara Munro: Hi from Sooke

00:12:33 Dawn Sells: RMT in Vancouver

00:12:34 Jennifer Denys: Ontario - physio - contemplating new home business

00:12:35 Lanessa Wales: RMT from Cochrane, AB

00:12:37 Colby Bucci: Toronto, Physiotherapist and clinic manager

00:12:38 Katie Littlejohn: Hello! RMT in Nanaimo

00:12:38 Kathy Eggenberger: Physio from Peterborough ON

00:12:39 Sylvia Peske: West Kelowna, Psychologist

00:12:40 Reba Timbrell: Hey! I’m an RMT from Ottawa ON

00:12:40 Yolanda Loo: Rainiy Calgary, AB PT

00:12:40 Megan Thoma: Hello from Chicago!

00:12:41 Nicola Phibbs: Ontario RMT

00:12:41 Leanne Ford: Hello- Leanne, Registered Social Worker, Maternal mental health

00:12:41 Amy Lipsett: Hello from Peterborough On. R.TCMP, owner

00:12:42 Stacy Burke: ND in Ontario

00:12:42 Melissa Burkholder: Hello from Burnaby, BC. RMT/Clinic Owner

00:12:43 Jennifer Brown: ND in Victoria

00:12:43 Tia Blakely: Edmonton, Alberta - RMT and Owner of 2 Massage, Acupuncture and Osteopathy Clinics

00:12:43 Daisy Chan: St. Catharines ON PT

00:12:43 Lara MacDonald: Ottawa - PT

00:12:43 Hillary Abramsky: Good morning from Toronto Kids Physio!

00:12:43 Debbie Smrz: Hi there - in Toronto, ND - clinic owner

00:12:43 Dawn Hunter: RMT Ontario

00:12:44 Stephanie Campbell: Ontario. Acu

00:12:44 Lynn Plautz: Hi from Vancouver - Acupuncturist

00:12:44 Rebecca Hardy: Good morning! From Vancouver, Registered Psychologist Clinic

00:12:44 Jill Truscott: Hi! Thank you for hosting this. I am an acupuncturist from Vancouver.

00:12:44 Katherine Varney: Admin in Abbotsford

00:12:44 Tara Munro: RCC

00:12:44 ananda reese: oakland! LAc owner

00:12:44 Jenn Love: Hi from Chilliwack - HR for a clinic

00:12:45 Christina McGlashan: Hi from Oakville - chiro clinic owner

00:12:45 Shawna Green: chiropractor- London, Ontario

00:12:45 Noel Snodgrass: Good Morning from PDX! Head DC at a multidisciplinary clinic

00:12:46 Robin Angell: North Carolina - acupuncture, administrative

00:12:46 Irene Gunn: RMT Ottawa

00:12:47 Heather L Robinson: Good morning, all, from Boise, ID, USA (solo speech pathologist / owner)

00:12:47 Diane Belzil: RMT in Peterborough

00:12:49 Christine Bridle: St. Catharines Ontario

00:12:49 Hailee Dayman: Good morning, Athletic Therapist- clinic owner from Lloydminster, AB

00:12:49 Karen Perro: Hi I’m Karen Perro, RMT Antigonish NS

00:12:49 Kathleen Funk: RMT/osteopathic student from Toronto, ON

00:12:49 Heather Law: RMT in Toronto

00:12:50 Meera Dhebar: Meera Vancouver. Counselling!

00:12:50 Sarah Spach: Hi! From Hamilton, ON. I’m an RMT and clinic owner with staff of chiros and physics and RMTs

00:12:52 Jessica Wilcox: N.C. acupuncturist

00:12:52 Beverly Osachoff: Good morning! It’s Beverly R.TCMP in Grand Forks, BC

00:12:52 Alison ONeill: PT Ontario, sole practitioner

00:12:54 Carol Armstrong: Carol Armstrong RMT VICTORIA BC

00:12:55 Gord Fountain: Gord from Ontario, Child Psychology Practice

00:12:57 Tara Baker: San Francisco - Therapy, Life Coaching, Nutrition

00:12:58 Emily McKenzie-Picot: Private practice physio from London Ontario

00:12:58 Jillian Smith: Good morning, physio - Clinical Director in Edmonton

00:12:59 David Sabourin: Dave, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and RMT in Ontario

00:12:59 Ya-Wen Lin-Cardinal: Operational Manager from Ottawa

00:13:00 I-Chia Sun: Acupuncturist, Vancouver

00:13:01 Ana Whelan: Whitby/Newcastle Ontario

00:13:01 Sabrina Lundquist: Hi, acupuncturist in Victoria BC

00:13:01 Krystle Easter Puopolo: Hi from Oshawa - RMT - sole practitioner

00:13:02 kelly drury: acupuncturist- caldwell, NJ

00:13:05 Samantha Opasinis: Hello! Samantha from Oshawa, Ontario

00:13:07 Lina Marciano: Morning. Admin from Vancouver

00:13:11 Sarah Rivkin: Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine clinic owner/practitioner Brooklyn NY

00:13:12 Trish Stevens: Hi, sole clinician physio Oliver BC

00:13:12 Amy Guidinger: Hi from Revelstoke, BC, physiotherapist and clinic owner

00:13:14 Sally Shaw: hi Sally from Nova Scotia osteopath and physiotherapist clinic owner

00:13:15 Barbara Ward: Calgary PT

00:13:15 Stephanie Potter: Wellness and Recovery Clinic Owner Toronto

00:13:15 Laura-Marie Martin: Prince George, BC -Office Manager multidisciplinary practice. not open to face to face yet

00:13:16 Julia Blackstock: Hi from Julia Blackstock in Toronto - Psychotherapy Practice

00:13:18 Jennifer Lickver: Hi from Ontario. Jenn - Owner of Wellness for the Body

00:13:21 Brett Hicks: Osteopathic therapist - Niagara Ont.

00:13:24 Lenore Walker: Lenore Walker from St. Catharines, ON

00:13:32 Anita D’Alimonte: Anita D’Alimonte, Office Manager - Brookside Psychologists, Burlington, ON

00:13:33 Tammy Uyeda: Kamloops BC, Sage Sport Institute

00:13:34 Ana da Silva: morning, admin from TO

00:13:37 Kim Nguyen: Hi from Richmond, VA

00:13:41 Christina Bagnell: Hi from Halifax!

00:13:42 Chris Rensch: chris…. child and trauma therapist in Fort

00:13:49 Ryzanne-Charmaine Laroco: Hello, I am unable to hear you

00:13:50 Chris Rensch: Langley

00:13:59 Sylvia Peske: yes

00:13:59 ananda reese: yes

00:14:01 Julia Blackstock: yes

00:14:01 Janice Watt: Good morning! New RMT in Edmonton, AB

00:14:02 Christina McGlashan: yes

00:14:03 Ryzanne-Charmaine Laroco: nvm its working again

00:14:03 Lenore Walker: yes

00:14:03 Samantha Opasinis: yes

00:14:03 Chris Rensch: yes

00:14:06 Ryzanne-Charmaine Laroco: thank you

00:14:06 Lori Barne: yes!

00:15:27 Rosa Kenneth: hello from Ottawa, Ontario

00:15:47 Brooke Smith: good morning. RMT and integrated clinic owner in Ucluelet

00:18:01 Barb Clemes: Canmore Alberta

00:18:13 Noel Snodgrass: Go Zak!

00:20:15 Tara Munro: Can you add online only

00:20:17 Rhonda McLachlan: I dont see the poll yet

00:20:17 Meera Dhebar: For in person?

00:20:24 Tara Munro: I never closed but moved to online only

00:20:26 Kristy Dhaliwal: A little bit of both. Chiropractic open. Massage and acupuncture still waiting

00:20:28 Beverly Osachoff: nothing here

00:20:34 Samantha Opasinis: We are open for emergency only at the moment

00:20:46 Christine Bridle: Emergency only

00:20:47 Rhonda McLachlan: nothing popped up on my screen…should it??

00:21:03 Leanne Ford: preparing to open for in person psychotherapy counselling

00:21:07 Tara Munro: Starting with eco therapy first - then not sure about in office

00:21:15 Lori Barne: open for in person for emerg only but doing telerehab as well

00:21:42 Teena Hardman: we stayed open for emergency during covid and opened on the 19th for reg business

00:22:05 Kay Kennedy: Kay Kennedy from Kay Kennedy Physio White Rock

00:22:18 Rhonda McLachlan: what solvents did you use for your clinics?

00:22:41 Teena Hardman: oxivair

00:23:00 Sarah Rivkin: I have Oxivir, too. Low odor, very safe.

00:23:35 Lynn Plautz: is oxivir hydrogen peroxide?

00:23:48 Sarah Rivkin: That’s the active ingredient

00:24:11 Lynn Plautz: I’ve ordered from Force of Nature which makes hydrogen peroxide

00:24:19 Lynn Plautz: a device

00:24:20 Brett Hicks: I use a commercial grade steam cleaner

00:24:36 Tiana Stoddart: were there concerns about patient confidentiality and them participating in a town hall? Can you make names anonymous?

00:24:39 Noel Snodgrass: bleach. diluted to hospital levels. Alcohol for the tables.

00:24:44 Teena Hardman: oxygenic can work to but use 2.5 oz per ltr

00:24:57 Carlo Di Nardo: www.ontario.ca/ppe is actually pretty good. Just requires a lot of calling to suppliers with no websites. They have a full list of suppliers

00:25:06 Micheline Goetz: Our challenge in counselling centre is that seating are material

00:25:11 Trish Stevens: bleach 4 tablespoons to a gallon of water

00:25:23 Gord Fountain: Hand sanitizer On-Site Cleaning Supplies, in Pickering $60/4l

00:25:36 Leanne Ford: any suggestions for counches or material seats

00:25:44 Sarah Rivkin: Also is you or your clients have chemical sensitivities, that rules out a lot of cleaners

00:25:46 Teena Hardman: we wrapped the beds inasupport vinyl

00:25:58 Sabrina Lundquist: any suggestions for die

00:26:05 Tina Chin-Kaplan: I’m interested in disinfectant for curtains too!

00:26:40 Theresa Zolner: I’ve seen some clinics online who are wrapping their curtains in plastic or vinyl.

00:26:49 Sabrina Lundquist: any suggestions for disinfecting the floor when you have carpet in treatment room

00:26:52 Tiana Stoddart: yes

00:26:54 Teena Hardman: cleaner is killer on touch screens aswell, so we wrapping clover in saran and discarding each use

00:27:07 Rhonda McLachlan: Carly’s video is choppy but I can hear her.

00:27:15 Irene Gunn: but I can hear you well

00:27:18 Samantha Opasinis: Optim 33TB- Chair Cleaner

00:27:42 Haley Charles: i’m cleaning my laptop/phone screens with those little alcohol swabs I use for acupuncture. its safe for screens.

00:28:05 Teena Hardman: we are keeping online booking off, sent a mass newsletter with our new world order kind of thing

00:28:43 Tammy Atherton: Same @teena

00:28:48 Teena Hardman: all pts called all clients to let them know what our plans were and to touch base

00:29:52 Teena Hardman: Loom has been a game changer to educate my pt’s and staff .. mini videos

00:30:32 Carlo Di Nardo: Zak…do you think 40min per client is doable? Or is there not enough time to clean?

00:30:38 Teena Hardman: we have a 15 min differential between clients to clean rooms.. we emptied the rooms of all non durable surfaces

00:31:11 Rhonda McLachlan: what is Loom??

00:31:24 Teena Hardman: All pts now cleaning and stocking their own rooms to help with cross contamination

00:31:36 Kathleen Funk: For those who are hands on, are you wearing a gown, smock or lab coat and changing after every patient?

00:31:54 Rhonda McLachlan: do any RMTs use aprons to massage?? to protect clothing?

00:31:55 Taylor Aller: Where are our RMTs at? :D

00:32:05 Teena Hardman: we gowning up, clear glasses, gloves

00:32:06 Tiana Stoddart: From what I understood, RMTs need 30 min between pt for cleaning and changing clothing each patient? Physios aren’t being required to do this?

00:32:08 Noel Snodgrass: LMT’s here wear safety glasses, gloves, and smocks that can be washed.

00:32:37 Taylor Aller: We’re also encouraging masks here as well for patients and for practitioners

00:32:37 Brooke Smith: I am an RMT and will be using a button down scrub top for my shift and changing aprons between patients

00:32:38 Rosa Kenneth: Tiana… where are you?

00:32:43 Tiana Stoddart: Vancouver BC

00:32:44 Teena Hardman: @rhonda its a add on in chrome for making instructional vids

00:32:50 Tammy Atherton: yes, gloves, mask (not cloth), change pillows and blankets in between clients, sanitize all surfaces

00:33:06 Vasco Sequeira: I’m an RMT and I us vinyl gloves :)

00:33:19 Vasco Sequeira: to massage

00:33:21 Rosa Kenneth: thanks Tiana

00:33:27 Tiana Stoddart: =)

00:33:32 Leanne Ford: Anyone a psychotherapist? counselling? What ppe are you wearing? just a mask?

00:33:41 Haley Charles: I’m an RMT, using an apron that I disinfect between, gloves, mask (not cloth), shield, as well as same stuff as tammy above

00:33:43 Taryn Smith: I know it was suggested to use a surgical mask (not cloth), but if it is double layered cloth with room for a filter and changed after each patient should that not be sufficient??

00:34:00 Megan Thoma: Here is a link for in stock (US) vinyl safe disinfectant for tables: https://shop.hilllabs.com/shop/ols/products/protex-disinfectant-cleaner-32-oz-spray-bottle

00:34:06 Rhonda McLachlan: Haley- shield too??

00:34:55 Tammy Atherton: Thanks @megan

00:35:00 Rosa Kenneth: I’m an rmt, will only use mask. no gown. gloves only if working intra oral draft requirements in Ontario are for disposable masks with each client

00:35:07 Tara Munro: For counselling, I’m not interested in using a mask….

00:35:07 Tina Chin-Kaplan: I use protex. Very low to no fumes.

00:35:08 Haley Charles: yes, eye protection was recommended by association. goggles were not working with my glasses

00:35:34 Gord Fountain: Leanne, we are trying to decide on PPE as well. Child Psychology

00:35:36 Teena Hardman: we absorb the extra costs

00:35:40 Theresa Zolner: Our mental health clinic is staying with telepsychology. We do not feel you can safely socially distance talking in a small room

00:35:43 Haley Charles: physio in my clinic is also using a shield as well as many clinic setting businesses in my town

00:35:47 Rhonda McLachlan: who raised their prices for compensating for time and cost of masks?

00:36:03 Lynn Plautz: i did rho

00:36:16 Jennifer Lickver: Yes, price increase was necessary to have a chance to afford to re-open

00:36:18 Rhonda McLachlan: do you mind if I ask how much??

00:36:24 Teena Hardman: that’s what we settlded with

00:36:25 Lynn Plautz: by $10

00:36:25 Rosa Kenneth: add a few dollars to the price. I’m seeing price increases in other industries… groceries and restaurants for example

00:36:39 Jennifer Lickver: we increased most services by $5 on average

00:36:42 Rhonda McLachlan: I was thinking $5 but didnt know if that was too much of a jump- I would be providing a mask for every client

00:36:44 Samantha Opasinis: First mask is free, asked to keep in their car and wear to next app. Charging $1 if they don’t bring it to the next app.

00:37:07 Leanne Ford: Yes— 90% of the time clients are crying and blowing their nose in session for counselling so not sure i want that all up in my air space…. thought about offering individual kleenex opposed to a community kleenex box. tele health seems safer right now

00:37:08 Rhonda McLachlan: thats a good idea Sam

00:37:18 Anita D’Alimonte: What about neuropsych testing? Has anyone done that yet? What PPE measures are you taking?

00:37:57 Theresa Zolner: Reusing of masks and taking masks off and on is a vector for contagion based on what I’ve read.

00:37:58 Kristy Wiltshire: @rhonda I was thinking of getting scrubs and then changing those before I get in car and go home. Not sure how this will work for home practice

00:38:14 Tiana Stoddart: Reusing masks may be a risky request? I like the idea but could this not be allowed because of inability to clean?

00:38:20 Rosa Kenneth: Rhonda… have clients bring their own mask. Charge $1 if you provide.

00:38:27 Christina McGlashan: can you walk us through start to finish what a patient experiences in each of your clinics

00:38:35 Amy Petrarca: important to increase fees….especially with less capacity and more risk and increased supplies

00:38:38 Lindita Marku: What preparations for psychological testing

00:38:45 Rhonda McLachlan: I’m just worried about people reusing too..or if they are using the really cheap thin ones I’ve seen..

00:38:46 Jill Truscott: What are people doing to keep their patients warm - using bed paper instead of linens, no blankets, etc. (Acupuncturist)

00:38:55 Irene Gunn: What about screening clients and staff?

00:39:03 Amy Green: NO VALVED MASKS is one of the things we will be strict about.

00:39:03 Rhonda McLachlan: I’d rather supply a new, high quality disposable mask for them each time and know that I’m safe

00:39:16 Tiana Stoddart: Jill - heaters. You can use table warmer with vinyl covering too

00:39:23 Rhonda McLachlan: I’m also working from my home and have two young children, one with lung issues so I want to be extra safe

00:39:24 Sarah Rivkin: I have a video intercom into my building, no one’s being buzzed in unless they are masked. This is for the safety of my neighbors, as well as to insure that no one comes in without one.

00:39:33 Susanne Morris: screening clients through Jane COVID questionnaire

00:39:39 Jill Truscott: Great! Thank you Tiana. I haven’t tried the warmer with vinyl covering yet but was considering this.

00:39:39 Noel Snodgrass: Gloves in a bottle makes a nice add on shielding lotion as well.

00:39:46 Tiana Stoddart: sock masks - adorable haha

00:40:05 Teena Hardman: we have ppl stop at the door and read a statement.. then assess

00:40:19 Noel Snodgrass: Getting rid of US insurance that doesn’t cover our expenses. Kind of nice actually.

00:40:20 Samantha Opasinis: Forehead Temp Scanner, screening questions, recording in Jane profile date of screening

00:40:28 Tiana Stoddart: reusable not recommended for RMT due to trust from our gov bodies

00:40:29 Devonne Nafziger: What about patients wearing masks, and treating patients face down? How are patients reacting to this feeling?

00:40:35 Trish Stevens: there are also offices that are charging for masks and then donating the money to charity

00:40:41 Rhonda McLachlan: I bought a temp scanner too

00:40:56 Teena Hardman: we are keeping a library of tens electrodes etc, and give clients their own, write their name on the bag

00:40:59 Anita Chan: For those doing temperature checks - At what temperature do you turn someone away?

00:41:00 Rosa Kenneth: sounds right Rhonda

00:41:16 Tia Blakely: In Alberta, as a RMT, we are required to provide surgical/procedure masks for clients. Cloth masks are not permitted. RMTs same. No cloth. Only procedure/surgical and disposable. Change in between each client.

00:41:33 Tiana Stoddart: For face down we purchased extra pillow cases. We will be looping them under face cradles so masks wont be needed face down but still will have a fabric protective covering

00:41:43 Jillian Smith: We have reusable masks that we offer patients upon entering. When they leave we ask they drop off in the bin next to the exist door

00:41:45 Noel Snodgrass: Look up Nancy Pelosi and her coordinating masks.

00:41:50 Rhonda McLachlan: oh thats a smart idea Jillian

00:41:57 Teena Hardman: anything over 100.4

00:41:57 Tia Blakely: Tiana - how will you instruct them to put masks on before turning to supine?

00:42:12 Christina McGlashan: can you walk us through patient experience in each of your clinics start ot finish

00:42:25 Christina McGlashan: me too making a selling my own

00:42:36 Teena Hardman: we supported a local maker and staff have been buying from her

00:42:45 Noel Snodgrass: $12 a cloth mask, made by a daughter who’s reaaaaallllly bored!

00:42:48 Tiana Stoddart: Tia, We will likely hand them to PT face down and have them place them on in prone before flipping

00:42:59 Tia Blakely: Thanks Tiana :)

00:43:30 Rhonda McLachlan: this is so informative. thanks guys!!

00:43:34 Mary Meltzer: where are you Teena. who is making your masks?

00:43:44 Teena Hardman: Duncan bc

00:44:05 Teena Hardman: a local woman that we found on facebook

00:44:08 Mary Meltzer: thanks

00:44:34 Teena Hardman: we added 15 min on to each treatment in jane across the board , RMT is 30

00:44:39 Rosa Kenneth: staggering has been implemented in my clinic. but there is a huge problem with trying to book less or more than an hour. for instance, If a client books/wants 30 min… do I lose the other 30 min due to overlap with other people in the clinic???

00:44:52 Susan Pulvermacher: We made a video of the patient experience when they come into our clinic. Check out The Broadway Health Collective (Saskatoon) on Facebook to find it.

00:45:01 Tiana Stoddart: RMT are recommended max 1 hour tx currently

00:45:11 Teena Hardman: room map, 2 rooms each, we send the clients to their room to wait

00:45:16 Rhonda McLachlan: I saw that Susan. its really well done

00:45:40 Teena Hardman: we made videos too for staff and shared to customers

00:46:05 Rhonda McLachlan: for people who need a longer more in-depth assessment I’m thinking of doing that over the phone earlier in the day before their appointment. anyone else doing this??

00:46:19 Tia Blakely: We are not going to have a waiting area. Text when RMT is ready - prevents any clumping of people in the space. Clients are taken to their private treatment room and allows distance to be kept. Staggering is not so much a problem with this method. 45min in between each client to allow any later start time due to overlaps. Just one at a time in and out.

00:46:38 Teena Hardman: we looked at staggering but with different Tx times, it just caught up so we started a flowsystem with arrows on the floor

00:46:44 Susan Pulvermacher: Yes, the video was helpful to us as well to run through the process and make sure all therapists were on the same page.

00:46:54 Christina McGlashan: yes

00:46:56 Rhonda McLachlan: yes

00:46:56 Hailee Dayman: yes

00:46:56 Jillian Smith: yes

00:46:57 Teena Hardman: yes

00:46:57 Haley Charles: yes

00:46:59 Rhonda McLachlan: never had a waiting room

00:47:04 Tammy Uyeda: yes

00:47:05 Carlo Di Nardo: Yup. Text us when u arrive

00:47:09 Kristy Wiltshire: yes that is the plan

00:47:10 Teena Hardman: no more than 5 min early then send to room to wait

00:47:12 Noel Snodgrass: so weird with no furniture in it…

00:47:27 Teena Hardman: very

00:47:28 Helen Tennant: We have space for 2 people at a time in the main waiting room and we have a small (former) retail space for a 3rd

00:47:41 Ashliegh Font: For those who have closed their waiting rooms and are asking clients to wait in cars - how are they texting you/your practitioners? Are you using a 3rd party app? Thanks! :)

00:47:41 Jillian Smith: It would be so helpful if Jane had a text feature :)*

00:47:45 Sarah Rivkin: @Rhonda, yes. Going to have a phone or video chat first. Patient comes in and goes right into room and lies down. I figure the physics of patient lying flat are safest, too—droplets less likely to defy gravity.

00:47:47 Tia Blakely: We are using our waiting area for a table to have sani and masks easy access + cleaners and paper towel.

00:48:01 Rosa Kenneth: how is the waiting in the cars going to work in the winter… with time needed for them to walk/ take elevator to clinic + taking off winter boots, etc…. lots of extra time needed

00:48:03 Tia Blakely: Yes! Jane = text feature!!! :))

00:48:05 Lori Barne: we have only a few chairs which are placed 6 feet apart, but generally when a patient is arrived and screened we take them right to a treatment room

00:48:31 Brooke Smith: curious about front door signage that people are using to let people know to wait outside.

00:48:36 Jillian Smith: We use the QR code, our patient’s love it!

00:48:45 Claudine McKay: We have the QR code out In the hallway

00:48:52 Lori Barne: Does the QR code work will all devices?

00:49:02 Tammy Uyeda: JANE function question: Is there a way to have results from the new COVID Survey be viewed from a spreadsheet-type view to make it quick for our front end to see who has completed it and if there are any yes’ vs having to open and look at each client’s chart on arrival?

00:49:06 Rhonda McLachlan: QR code???really?!? thats awesome!!!

00:49:23 Teena Hardman: safety station upon entering

00:49:26 Claudine McKay: @Lori on iPhone works with camera, on Android, Google lens needs to be installed

00:49:26 Rhonda McLachlan: what about washrooms??

00:49:34 Helen Tennant: Hand Sanitizer and no touch temperature checks

00:49:41 Tammy Uyeda: Great re: QR code! Could JANE add a function that if they haven’t completed the COVID Survey when they check in that a pop up alert occurs and they are prompted to complete the survey?

00:49:45 Sarah Rivkin: Do you think you need to have motion-activated dispensers for soap and sanitizer?

00:49:45 Christina McGlashan: closed our washroom to patients

00:49:50 Christina McGlashan: only urgent need

00:50:11 Tia Blakely: Soap - motion doesn’t matter cause you are washing after you get the soap anyways ;)

00:50:16 Teena Hardman: we asked clients to try and use the washroom b4 they come, and come dressed for the appt

00:50:16 Amy Green: Make sure you don’t buy foaming pumps- Simple human has a few nice ones that are for the thicker liquid soap that work well for sanitizer

00:50:20 Rhonda McLachlan: I specialize in pregnancy massage…and they always have to use the washroom…??

00:50:34 Teena Hardman: we did and sent them on their way

00:50:35 Claudine McKay: Yes, we have some flatliner patients

00:50:44 Claudine McKay: *flatearther

00:50:58 Tiana Stoddart: Also PS thank you to Ali - Jane has been the most supportive to our profession and the most informative. Jane for life.

00:51:16 Rhonda McLachlan: yes Tiana! I agree

00:51:40 Lanessa Wales: Claudine hahahaha

00:52:06 Michael Liang: I work in a medical building, each floor shares bathrooms. On my floor we have MDs, dentists and TCM offices. Would y’all restrict bathroom usage to decrease liability?

00:52:08 Irene Gunn: Yikes! Epicenter for CoVid!

00:52:16 Rod Mitchell: From Rod, Physio, We have two Honeywell Air filters in the clinic with ‘general, ‘Germ’, and ‘Allergen’,settings coupled with ceiling fans in each room to help air quality and air movement.

00:52:21 Carlo Di Nardo: same.. closed bathrooms…emergency use only…staff have their own bathroom separate from clients

00:52:25 Muriel Gauthier: Are peds tolerating mask and gloves?

00:52:35 Tara Munro: I have air purifier in each room

00:52:50 Helen Tennant: Our washroom is still open, but we closed one of them

00:52:50 Teena Hardman: ourstaff clean inbetween uses

00:52:55 Amy Green: Austin Air filters are really goo- filter down to .1 microns and coronavirus is .125 Most filters are .3-2 microns. Austin also has had clinical trials. I just bought 4 for my clinic

00:52:57 Rhonda McLachlan: Tara, where do you find your filters??

00:52:57 Samantha Opasinis: cleaned after each use

00:53:08 Lori Barne: we haven’t closed the bathrooms- we wipe down all common touched areas every 30 minutes - timer is set for admin to do it.

00:53:08 Nicole Sullivan: taking the door off so it’s just for handwashing :)

00:53:19 Susan Pulvermacher: Rod, we’ve had the recommend to not use fans etc as that moves the virus around. open window the best, but of course few have that option.

00:53:24 Noel Snodgrass: Nice Nicole!

00:53:29 Sarah Rivkin: Can’t use hand sanitizer?

00:53:32 Tara Munro: From where I bought the air purifiers and the large one is washable

00:53:33 Lenore Walker: Has anyone heard of/used the restaurant/hospital grade sanitizing lights?

00:53:40 Tiana Stoddart: Agreed! The RMT guidelines seem the highest and its so confusing

00:53:48 Susanne Morris: can’t patients use hand sanitizer instead (available through clinic)?

00:53:50 Helen Tennant: From our RMTs: MTABC is a joke

00:53:58 Amy Guidinger: You can use hand sanitizer in lieu of hand washing if your hands aren’t visibly soiled.

00:54:01 Jen Ridout: CMTBC also says the patient can use the hand sanitizer instead of hand washing.

00:54:01 Tia Blakely: Tiana - RMT guidelines are intense,

00:54:03 Brett Hicks: Negative pressure fans that blow out windows could be a way to draw air from the treatment room.

00:54:05 Sally Shaw: looking at putting small sinks in all treatment rooms.

00:54:17 Irene Gunn: one recommendation was that All shared items in the clinic should be removed. So utensils in the lunchroom? Coffee maker?

00:54:17 J B: I am still unsure if anyone any massage therapist are taking clients in person, and how are they dealing with distancing and protection?

00:54:38 Rhonda McLachlan: luckily I have a small sink inside my massage room…

00:54:41 J B: Do they wear gloves to massage clients?

00:54:58 Tia Blakely: RMTs - depends on your province. Alberta here we are not open. Earliest opening will be June 19th.

00:55:02 Rhonda McLachlan: JB, I’m interested in that too as I’m still closed

00:55:08 Teena Hardman: we shut our kitchen down to staff other than sink and microwave, all other doors are taped, staff to bring their own utencils etc

00:55:15 Tia Blakely: RMTs are NOT required to wear gloves - we use arms and elbows. just was well after

00:55:21 Tiana Stoddart: Worksafe BC released kitchen guidelines for health care =)

00:55:23 Irene Gunn: Should RMT’s wear gloves while practicing? or is it dependent on a client request

00:55:30 Anita D’Alimonte: We are closing off our client beverage station.

00:55:34 Rod Mitchell: Rod, physiology: we are looking at putting a small sink with touchless faucet, soap and paper towel dispenser at one end of the clinic. Plumbing is in. Just have to choose the sink.

00:55:36 Rosa Kenneth: Ontario is not open yet to take clients JB

00:55:39 Tia Blakely: No to the gloves with alberta guidelines.

00:55:54 Jen Ridout: In BC RMTs only required to wear gloves if patient asks you to.

00:55:55 Michael Liang: Do you have different treatment rooms or blocked off times specifically for front line workers who may have an increased risk of exposure?

00:55:59 Tammy Atherton: I totally agree Alison!!!!

00:56:08 Rhonda McLachlan: gloves while massaging— if you touch your face, the gloves are not going to protect you..so wash your hands and dont touch your face. should be enough no??

00:56:11 Heather L Robinson: Highly recommend Rabbit Air air purifiers. They have a “Germ defense” filter that can reduce particles that carry viruses. Super spendy, but mine are going strong at 10 years.

00:56:15 J B: ok good to know. Thanks all. But imagine masks are still worn on both clients and therapist

00:56:51 Rhonda McLachlan: yes. masks for sure. gloves and shields seem over kill though

00:56:58 Brett Hicks: I agree. We have already been required to be sanitary between patients. We just need to make it very obvious now.

00:57:07 Kristy Wiltshire: Rhonda , not planning to wear gloves ,

00:57:11 J B: With respect to gloves, Im thinking more precaution to ease clients

00:57:12 Laura-Marie Martin: some of our counselling therapists are walking with clients. can keep distance and be outside. win win

00:57:15 Rhonda McLachlan: cool. thanks Kristy

00:57:20 Christina McGlashan: biggest change I notice with emergency patients is wearing a mask and how tired I get from not as much oxygen

00:57:27 Tiana Stoddart: Oh yes! Front line workers - they can’t pass COVID19 self screening - but we have a significant amount of nurse patients. How is everyone addressing this

00:57:39 Irene Gunn: Rhonda agreed abouit the gloves

00:57:44 Jen Ridout: Good question Tiana

00:57:49 Tara Munro: Yes as a counsellor, no to gloves or masks - my office is small tho so I’ll likely start up by eco therapy before in office sessions - but still promote online first

00:57:53 Rosa Kenneth: laura-marie that’s fabulous. Love that!!

00:58:10 Rhonda McLachlan: yes..front liner workers are at much higher risk…is anyone refusing to work on them?

00:58:12 Keltie Cheney: How often do you change masks? A new one every client, or every hour??

00:58:21 Helen Tennant: Yep, walk & talk!

00:58:30 Gord Fountain: We are located on a farm and plan lots of outdoor stuff

00:58:37 Tia Blakely: RMTS are required to change masks in between each client.

00:58:39 Susanne Morris: Telehealth has been working very well for our psychotherapist too

00:58:40 Sarah Rivkin: Considering putting a tent in my garden

00:59:03 Noel Snodgrass: I have running patients go run down the block. Works well.

00:59:04 Michael Liang: Is there increased liability when you take your patients outside?

00:59:07 Rod Mitchell: Rod: A note on the ceiling fans. They draw air to the outside not circulate in the clinic.

00:59:07 Rhonda McLachlan: imagine doing a massage on my front lawn lol

00:59:10 Lenore Walker: It is a great idea; my employer does not want us to do this, but it has real value. Have to think about therapeutic boundaries…

00:59:21 Janice Watt: This has been very helpful - thank you!

It would be great to have a similar conversation involving RMTs who have gone back to work. There seems to be a lot of us and a lot of extra considerations with such a hands on therapy.

00:59:29 Helen Tennant: NO!

00:59:35 Kristy Dhaliwal: No just lots of hand washing

00:59:36 Rosa Kenneth: no gloves when I get back to work

00:59:36 Melissa Burkholder: NO

00:59:36 Katie Littlejohn: No. Handwashing is best practice.

00:59:49 Tammy Atherton: As Rmt’s we have to wear gloves

00:59:59 Noel Snodgrass: Liquid glove under gloves was … interesting. They get their choice.

01:00:03 Tina Chin-Kaplan: Yes

01:00:04 Rhonda McLachlan: where are you from Tammy?

01:00:06 Sarah Spach: RMTs in Ontario don’t need to wear gloves

01:00:08 Kristy Dhaliwal: In Alberta we do not have to wear gloves

01:00:10 Rosa Kenneth: Michelle… that’s awesome with the shearing

01:00:12 Tammy Atherton: Windsor, On

01:00:17 Susan Pulvermacher: No, not necessary as hand washing works.

01:00:21 Kristy Wiltshire: I haven’t Started yet but not planning unless doing the usual like TMJ etc. It is not required by CMTO

01:00:27 Jen Ridout: In Bc don’t have to wear gloves

01:00:32 Sarah Rivkin: Can’t imagine doing acupuncture with gloves on, especially for all the palpation I do. Also do a lot of moxibustion, so fire + gloves seems dangerous!

01:00:36 Taylor Aller: Can we have another discussion with just RMTs returning back to work?

01:00:47 Rosa Kenneth: Tammy, no Ontario does not require gloves

01:00:47 Irene Gunn: Thank you for the confirmation about the gloves

01:00:48 Jennifer Cea: LMTs only use gloves with cleaning chemicals, not with patients

01:00:48 Jillian Smith: I once had a massage by a RMT that was wearing gloves, from a patient stand point, it didn’t feel any different.

01:00:52 Sarah McQueen: In Ontario, RMTs don’t need to wear gloves. Good & proper handwashing is still the best.

01:00:57 Rosa Kenneth: for RMt

01:01:11 Tia Blakely: Correct

01:01:11 Jamie Hartwell: Can someone address the concerns about the liability concerns in BC with the Wilson Beck insurance company saying they won’t cover RMTs in BC if they don’t comply with their association when their college doesn’t mandate the requirements for a new surgical massage per patient

01:01:26 Rhonda McLachlan: what about consent forms? are you using specialized consent forms??

01:01:27 Taylor Aller: Thank you Jamie! I have the same question!

01:01:40 Tammy Atherton: The checklist for Rmt’s states if you have a hand washing station, I don’t have one in my room so I’d prefer to wear gloves

01:02:06 Tiana Stoddart: class action lawsuit for business interruption against Wilson Beck and Lackner McLennan is occurring - RHE Law. Email [email protected] if interested in joining.

01:02:09 Tina Chin-Kaplan: That’s why I wear gloves. Don’t have a hand washing station in clinic

01:03:20 Amy Green: Does Jane have a consent for COVID in templates?

01:03:25 Teena Hardman: we have consents and questioned each visit ,, made a template chart soap n initial

01:03:35 Lori Barne: We run several classes for seniors which we have not run in clinic yet - just not worth the risk for them :(. We are working on doing them virtually.

01:03:59 Rhonda McLachlan: Amy- I want to know too

01:04:02 Taylor Aller: Tiana can you tell me more about that lawsuit please?

01:04:03 Susanne Morris: Are people using the COVID-19 prescreening tool?

01:04:12 Jill Truscott: Are you doing verbal consent or are you getting patients to sign it? (bring their own pen?)

01:04:13 Christina McGlashan: Is that consent required in Canada - they consent to increased risks?

01:04:14 Kristy Dhaliwal: If they are doing the Survey prescreening 2 hours before would you still do a verbal?

01:04:16 Rhea Merritt: Can a consent form be circulated on Jane?

01:04:19 Susan Pulvermacher: yes, we’re using it. Great.

01:04:34 Muriel Gauthier: can a signature box be added to the provided Covid screening too put out yesterday?

01:04:57 Helen Tennant: nope

01:04:57 Lori Barne: not yet

01:05:06 Laura-Marie Martin: in bc there is a requirement for rmt to have the person do the government prescreen. can the JANE form take the place of that or do they have to do both

01:05:13 Noel Snodgrass: EPA list here in the US for “approved” disinfectants. https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2

01:05:17 Tiana Stoddart: Not much info yet, they are seeing if there are enough policy holders who want to claim it then proceed. So it’s currently just contacting them if interested

01:05:24 Susanne Morris: Nausea and vomiting - worried to add in because of pregnant women seeing midwife?

01:05:25 Kathy Eggenberger: The Ontario tool allows for one symptom e.g. allergies

01:05:27 Denise Bowden: Could the panel speak to retraining staff - using video? Other ideas?

01:05:27 Tia Blakely: Noel - that’s a great resource. It has contact times toO!

01:05:29 Taylor Aller: Can someone address the concerns about the liability concerns in BC with the Wilson Beck insurance company saying they won’t cover RMTs in BC if they don’t comply with their association when their college doesn’t mandate the requirements for a new surgical massage per patient

01:05:39 Claudine McKay: We were screening when we were providing emergency care and admitted to been exposed…. they have been respectful to delay their appts

01:06:03 Michael Liang: Do you have different treatment rooms or blocked off times specifically for front line workers who may have an increased risk of exposure?

01:06:09 Rhonda McLachlan: I am feeling much better but have so many other questions…lol

01:06:19 Lori Barne: Daily covid screen for staff here

01:06:25 Teena Hardman: made a log sheet at the door for staff

01:06:28 Susanne Morris: We have a sign in for employees verifying they don’t have symptoms.

01:06:31 Mary Meltzer: seems like there is a lot to do to prepare properly

01:06:33 Christina McGlashan: a consent for employees or screening?

01:06:33 Michael Liang: We are doing exactly what Carly is doing as well.

01:06:35 Amy Petrarca: very important

01:06:50 Stephanie Potter: Does the COVID prescreen have increased risk for in person language

01:06:55 Rod Mitchell: Rod: Please to be reopening and feel that it is a chance to reorganize, start again!

01:06:58 Rhonda McLachlan: thats a great question about high risk therapists

01:07:12 Samantha Opasinis: what about pregnant therapists?

01:07:14 Andrea Yacyshyn: Thanks everyone. This was super helpful - would love to have a RMT specific chat group when we get closer to opening.

01:07:18 Susanne Morris: WSBC is requiring that we do a safety plan. How are others finding this?

01:07:25 Rosa Kenneth: absolutely not… as risk… puts me and clients at huge risk

01:07:27 Magesh Doraisamy: Can we re-use, surgical masks?

01:07:30 Kathy Eggenberger: I have a therapist with Crohns and on immune suppressants???

01:07:31 Tammy Atherton: I’m high risk, anxious to go back

01:07:45 Rhonda McLachlan: no Magesh. after an hour they need to be changed

01:07:54 J B: Tammy where do you practice?

01:08:05 Tammy Atherton: Ontario

01:08:05 Teena Hardman: @ rosa we did it and we were surprised that wat we had already put in place met or exceeded the college and wsbc

01:08:16 Magesh Doraisamy: In that case, we cannot give one mask and ask our clients to bring it back for their next appointment, right ?

01:08:19 Rod Mitchell: Rod: Are people taking temperatures of their clients?

01:08:30 Rhea Merritt: is anyone seeing “high risk” i.e. MS patients in person? Would you schedule them at the beginning of the day?

01:08:38 Rhonda McLachlan: Magesh. right. they need a new one every time.

01:08:54 Erica Grossman: how are people managing the screening for staff? we are trying to go totally paperless at this point

01:08:56 Teena Hardman: @rod only if they answer yes to any of the screening questions

01:09:02 Magesh Doraisamy: One of the panelists said, she gives out one mask and requests them to bring it back for their appointment.

01:09:08 Meera Dhebar: Thank you!

01:09:11 Jamie Hartwell: RMT insurance please

01:09:12 Susanne Morris: WSBC safety plans?

01:09:13 Rosa Kenneth: thanks Teena

01:09:16 Taylor Aller: RMT insurance please!

01:09:18 Teena Hardman: yw

01:09:21 Tiana Stoddart: Thank you to all Panelists!

01:09:24 Helen Tennant: We are

01:09:25 Samantha Opasinis: yes forehead scan

01:09:26 Christina McGlashan: is it consent and screening or just screening

01:09:32 Jamie Hartwell: Can someone address the concerns about the liability concerns in BC with the Wilson Beck insurance company saying they won’t cover RMTs in BC if they don’t comply with their association when their college doesn’t mandate the requirements for a new surgical massage per patient

01:09:36 Kathy Eggenberger: No good research on temperature taking

01:09:41 Claudine McKay: Ordered a thermometer, not arriving for another month

01:09:43 Amy Petrarca: yes, taking temperatures and purchased pulse oximeter

01:09:43 Teena Hardman: safety plan is straight forward, good to keep you on track

01:09:50 Rod Mitchell: Rod: I am and it is a fast simple thing to do

01:09:59 Melissa Burkholder: I wish to confirm you can add a signature box to the COVID Jane Screen template please?

01:10:05 Claudine McKay: adds piece of mind

01:10:10 Megan Thoma: no touch thermometers in stock (US): https://ihealthlabs.com/thermometer-pt3/? gclid=Cj0KCQjwzZj2BRDVARIsABs3l9J7yc2G_hguxnLzVV8k0RQQwhZYI_ytO95HKaxahjEUOanAUHlj-6oaAuUeEALw_wcB

01:10:13 Magesh Doraisamy: She was referring to burning through lot of masks in the beginning and then they had requested them to re-use, does she use some kind of sanitizing them ?

01:10:13 Amy Petrarca: pulse oximetry is an important and affordable tool

01:10:18 Helen Tennant: We test practitioners, front desk & patients alike

01:10:18 Sarah Rivkin: Anyone asking their patients to take their own temperature as part of the prescreen?

01:10:23 Rosa Kenneth: great idea Melissa!!!!!!!!

01:10:29 Sue Wahl: laura and carly are kids masks mandatory? what age to start?

01:10:50 Anne Farkas: Thanks to the panelists for organizing this! :)

01:11:04 Taylor Aller: Can someone address the concerns about the liability concerns in BC with the Wilson Beck insurance company saying they won’t cover RMTs in BC if they don’t comply with their association when their college doesn’t mandate the requirements for a new surgical massage per patient

01:11:04 Brittany Leslie: do you make the children wear masks as well?

01:11:05 Tammy Atherton: Thank you very much as always for all your insights Jane team!!

01:11:13 Rhonda McLachlan: how do you sanitize the head rest- i have washable covers but what about the wooden/joints underneath?

01:11:15 Michael Liang: Do you have different treatment rooms or blocked off times specifically for front line workers who may have an increased risk of exposure?

01:11:18 Rod Mitchell: Rod: Our city council has provided the community infra red thermometers at cost

01:11:18 Rosa Kenneth: thanks for organizing… can we do this again? soon?

01:11:19 Teena Hardman: this is when your relationship with the reps makes the world of difference

01:11:21 Lenore Walker: Will you save the chat?

01:11:26 Derek Cain: you guys have gone above and beyond, thanks!

01:11:29 Enrique Astorga: Thanks for your support and helpful information

01:11:32 Amy Green: I’ll have visitors take shoes off and wear freshly laundered slippers (as we have been) because droplets fall and floors are dirty- we are also removing all rugs for foreseeable future

01:11:34 Lenore Walker: Thank you so much!

01:11:34 Brittany Leslie: please do another webinar - this was amazing and so informational!

01:11:35 Amy Lipsett: Thanks so much to everyone for your helpful information! Be well everyone!

01:11:35 Tiana Stoddart: Taylor email me [email protected] I have information from a lawyer I can forward to you =)

01:11:37 Daisy Chan: Thank you!

01:11:37 Rhonda McLachlan: I love Jane. Thanks everyone!!!

01:11:41 Brett Hicks: This was very informative. Would be interested in a follow up session after things have opened for more provinces to compare if things changed.

01:11:48 Susanne Morris: Would love that! Thank you!

01:11:51 Rosa Kenneth: can we do this again next week?

01:11:52 Amy Petrarca: thanks to you all!

01:11:53 Amy Green: YES

01:11:54 Rhonda McLachlan: YES weekly!

01:11:54 Jill Truscott: yes!

01:11:54 Amy Petrarca: yes

01:11:55 Brett Hicks: yes

01:11:55 Susanne Morris: Yes!

01:11:55 Claudine McKay: If anyone is interested in fabric masks. eco-masks.ca – locally made in BC

01:11:56 Daisy Chan: yes

01:11:56 Carlo Di Nardo: yes

01:11:57 Teena Hardman: yup

01:11:58 Brittany Leslie: YES!!

01:11:58 Tiana Stoddart: yes!

01:11:58 Anita D’Alimonte: Yes!!!!

01:11:59 Julia Blackstock: yes

01:11:59 Heather L Robinson: Yes, please…y’all rock!

01:12:01 Mary Meltzer: yes

01:12:01 Derek Cain: yes

01:12:02 Lara MacDonald: yes thanks!!

01:12:02 Taylor Aller: Thanks Tiana!

01:12:02 Rhonda McLachlan: haha

01:12:03 Maureen Clément: yrs!

01:12:04 Tiana Stoddart: Can we do a RMT one?

01:12:04 Tara Munro: Pls add mental health

01:12:05 Dean Silvester: yes

01:12:05 Amy Petrarca: yes

01:12:06 Janice Watt: Add RMTs please!

01:12:08 Rhonda McLachlan: just RMT one yes

01:12:08 Helen Tennant: Sure! Check up would be good

01:12:10 Dean Silvester: thank you

01:12:12 Rod Mitchell: That would be good

01:12:12 Teena Hardman: thanks guys

01:12:12 Susanne Morris: Acupuncture!

01:12:13 Merey Frances Simondac: cool

01:12:16 Lindita Marku: Mental Health

01:12:19 Janice Watt: Thank you!!

01:12:19 Megan Thoma: Thank you!

01:12:23 Lori Barne: Thank you :)

01:12:23 Amy Petrarca: ha ha

01:12:23 Lenore Walker: Perhaps we can invite a Mental Health Counsellor next time ;)

01:12:23 Merey Frances Simondac: thank you to all of you!!!!

01:12:24 Jennifer Denys: thank you!!!!!!!

01:12:24 Tina Chin-Kaplan: Thank you

01:12:25 Mary Meltzer: thank you!,,,

01:12:26 Nicole Jago: Thank you

01:12:27 Amy Petrarca: true

01:12:27 Taylor Aller: Thank you!

01:12:29 Anita Chan: Thank you!

01:12:30 Robin Angell: Would be great to have discipline-specific chats - RMT acupuncture, etc.

01:12:30 Amy Green: Thank you

01:12:30 Susanne Morris: Thank you!

01:12:30 Helen Tennant: Thanks everyone!

01:12:31 Rhonda McLachlan: thank you!!!

01:12:31 Brett Hicks: Thank you

01:12:32 Catherine Chan: Thank you

01:12:32 Brittany Leslie: Thank you!!

01:12:33 Jill Truscott: Thank you so much!

01:12:34 Kim Nguyen: Thanks!

01:12:35 Noel Snodgrass: Thanks everyone!

01:12:36 Melissa Burkholder: Thank you so much for everything you do for us!!

01:12:36 Maureen Clément: Thank you :o)

01:12:36 Carlo Di Nardo: Thank you! 🙏

01:12:37 Jennifer Denys: I love Jane!!!

01:12:39 Dawn Sells: Thanks!

01:12:40 Sarah Chalk: Thank you :)

01:12:40 Ana da Silva: thank you

01:12:44 Dr. Michelle Urban: Thanks so much!

01:12:45 Kathy Eggenberger: Thanks. So helpful

01:12:45 Lindita Marku: Thank you

01:12:45 Rosa Kenneth: maybe if you couldaddress Jamie’s questions?

01:12:47 Anita D’Alimonte: Thanks! Jane rocks!

01:12:48 Jennifer Denys: Thank you panelists!!!!

01:12:48 Jamie Hartwell: Thank you

01:12:48 Rosa Kenneth: before leaving

01:12:49 Devonne Nafziger: THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

01:12:49 Muriel Gauthier: thank u

01:12:51 Keltie Cheney: Much thanks to you all

01:12:52 Amy Guidinger: Thank you!

01:12:53 Lenore Walker: Kindest thanks!

01:12:54 Rod Mitchell: Thanks

01:12:55 Haley Charles: thank you

01:12:57 Claudine McKay: cheers!

01:13:03 Denise Bowden: Thank you! If you can help with Q’s that didn’t get answered, that would be awesome! Regards!

01:13:04 wendy winn: thank you

01:13:07 David Howes: Thank you

01:13:13 Maureen Clément: I feel better too :o)

01:13:23 Sarah McQueen: Grateful for you guys sharing your knowledge!!

01:13:25 Taryn Smith: more RMT info!

01:13:28 Rosa Kenneth: feeling better. thank you

01:13:35 Melissa Burkholder: Thank you Zack!!

01:13:41 Mary Meltzer: such a great community

01:13:54 Ceri Jones: Thank you - 18.30 UK time :-)

01:14:03 Lenore Walker: Well said and great outlook!

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