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Have a question? Meet the ann-swer lady.

There’s a brand new voice helping out Jane clinics, one that comes from a lightening sharp multi-tasker who sees life as a giant jigsaw puzzle she can’t wait to assemble. So, if your office is new to Jane, you need help setting up, you want someone to walk you through charting, or you just can’t find a certain button, Ann has the answers. She’s one of the most capable people we’ve ever met. Here’s why she’s part of the team:

Her response to our job posting slayed us. 

“This doesn’t scare me.” That’s honestly what she said after we told her her job meant understanding Jane as well as the people who created it, that she’d be doing a million different things at once, that Jane is growing by leaps and bounds and that new challenges will be hurled at her every day. That was her response.

Jane is international, and so is Ann.

Originally from Minnesota (brrrrr…), Ann was living in Italy when she was snapped up by an American start-up doing business in Spain, and then moved to work with them in Beijing. Now she lives in the cutest little waterfront community in Canada (brrrr again….) and, happily, she still calls it ‘pop’ (instead of ‘soda’) so she fits in here just fine.

She’s got an odd, varied and impressive CV.

She’s researched high school science text books. She’s guided water compliance programs at a Wyoming Air Force base. She toyed with cooking school and helps run her kid’s pre-school with German efficiency. She’s travelled all over the globe launching programs for the Olympics and World Cup. And she overflows with people skills, having done sales, training and facilitating for, basically, her whole life.

She even blows off steam in a remarkable way.

A couple of years ago, Ann was the first woman to cross the finish line at this notoriously challenging event. Basically, you run up and down 8,000 feet of rugged elevation in the Canadian wilderness until you pass out or cross the finish line. Ann called it “fun.” We think it’s nutty, but we’re happy she has a venue that lets her re-charge.

Call any time. As you might expect, she’s pretty tight with her cell phone.

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