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COVID-19 Screening Tips and Best Practices for Re-Opening

May 21, 2020

1. NEW Feature! COVID-19 Pre-Screening Survey

If you’re preparing to re-open your practice, new guidelines may require you send a COVID-19 Pre-Screening Survey to all clients prior to their attendance.

We have developed a new screening tool for this purpose that you can use called Clinical Surveys. 👏

A Clinical Survey can be sent to every patient before their visit to ask them screening questions about potential COVID-19 exposure. We have provided a sample COVID-19 Pre-Screening survey that you can enable. You can customize the example and you can also adjust when the email is delivered.

So, if you’re looking to create one of these pre-screening surveys, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created this handy guide to walk you through each step.

2. Contact to Book for Online Booking

If you would like for your clients to be screened over the phone for symptoms of COVID-19 before scheduling appointments, you can set your online booking site to Contact to Book.

Setting your treatments as Contact to Book will prompt patients on your online booking site to contact your clinic in order to book the appointment.

This will allow you to screen them over the phone and book them in virtually, or in-person as needed.

If you hop into Settings > Treatments & Classes you can Edit your treatments. From here, scroll down to the Online Booking Settings and make sure Call to Book is checked off.

3. Self Check-In for Patients

Jane has a neat feature that allows clients to self-check-in for their appointments through the use of a printed QR code. You may find it helpful to post the printed code on the door of your clinic so that those who do arrive ahead of schedule can check themselves in and then wait outside until the practitioner is ready to begin the session or a room is available.

For more information on how to manage Jane’s Self Check-in feature, you can pop over to our guides below.

4. Online Booking Banner Message

Adding a banner message to your online booking site is a helpful way to highlight any important messages around your clinics required screening protocols or provide additional context for your patients before their appointment.

Here’s an example of how this banner message can be used:

To add a banner to your online booking site go to Settings > Language > Notice/Message on Online Booking Pages

You can change this messaging quickly and easily to ensure your booking site messaging is always up to date.

💡Jane Tip: Google Doc Link

This banner message area is limited to 2,000 characters, so if you are needing additional space, you can include a link out to a larger document that is stored on a service like Google Drive.

To create a link, follow the formatting instructions below:

Here’s a quick example of a message with a link that clients can click on to view full COVID-19 appointment procedures.

Learn more about customizing the language on your online booking page.

5. Email & SMS Reminder Language

You can add custom text to communicate and remind your clients about new COVID-19 protocols by adding a note to your email reminders and notifications.

You may wish to inform patients of key points such as not arriving too early, being prepared to self check-in using the QR code taped to the door, wearing a mask etc. In case you’re not familiar with how to customize these emails, here’s how:

If you head over to Settings > Language there are a number of items you can customize here.

We recommend adding language to the:

  • Reminder Email: Details
  • Thanks for Booking Email: Details
  • SMS Appointment Reminder

You will be given an area to enter the new text and then a preview of how it looks.

Here’s an example of the Thanks for Booking email:

SMS text reminders are another great way to communicate important reminders with your patients directly to their phones. You can choose when to send it (from 5 minutes up to 7 days before their appointment) and can preview what the message will look like before setting it live.

To edit or enable text reminders go to Settings > Reminders & Notifications > Text Message (SMS)

You can find more information on customizing Jane here: Customizing Jane

6. Contactless Payments

When it comes to collecting payment for treatment provided, we’re hearing that a lot of clinics and practitioners are planning to transition entirely to a cashless environment. With Jane Payments, you are able to have a contactless payment system and store customer cards on their profile, accept online booking pre-payments online, and send e-invoices to customers for outstanding balances.

Charging cards directly inside through Jane online avoids the need for pin entry and allows for a quicker, easier, and safer payment option for both you and your patients.

To enable Jane Payments on your account, go to Settings > Integrations > Jane Payments

Learn more about Jane Payments.

7. Screening Signage Around Office

Some practices are required to post information regarding the following topics within the practice environment in locations where it is likely to be seen by patients, staff and others:

  • Physical distancing.
  • Hand hygiene (including handwashing and use of alcohol-based hand rub).
  • How to help limit the spread of infection.
  • Pre-Screening Requirements

Here are some helpful printable resources that you can download:

We hope you find these recommendations to be helpful - we will be continuing to publish resources in the coming weeks as each phase of the reopening plan unfolds, so don’t hesitate to reach back out for updates, or keep an eye on our blog for details!

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